A Collector’s Masterpiece of Engineering and Design, Lamborghini Veneno Roadster

750-horsepower. Only nine to be made. $4.5 Million


The Lamborghini Veneno launched in the phase where it failed to get the warm response that the Veneno deserved. Though it was welcomed not at its best due to the lack of media and enthusiast frenzy crowd reception, it did not discourage the Lamborghini camp from planning the roadster based on the same platform. To mention truly there were not many rather few differences between the coupe model of the Lamborghini Veneno and Veneno Roadster.



Some of the striking difference between the coupe and roadster remain that the coupe is a typical car whereas in the Roadster the driver can raise and lower the top of the car as per his demand. For a real roadster isn’t it? This led the Lamborghini camp to decide and hack off the top of the car from the Veneno. In terms of the looks the Veneno Roadster looks close to its coupe counterpart. It continues to have the crazy exterior look however now with the roof missing from the build.



The Lamborghini also makes another major difference to the models, the coupe was limited to manufacture of three units however the Roadster version from the Lamborghini will be limited to more options to the likes of Nine units. The Lamborghini Veneno Roadster was first unveiled at the Abu Dhabi show in 2013; the event looked more like a Hollywood movie scene. It is boasted that the Roadster would carry a whooping price tag of 4.5 million U S Dollar.


The Lamborghini has a solid roadrunner build with large aerodynamic wings and huge channels. With the inspiration from the racing world, the Lamborghini has Y shared angular headlamps and large fenders in the front design with four sizable exhaust pipes at the rear. The monstrous engine is housed behind the seats with large vents to cool the massive thrust. Adjustable rear wings add more down force to the Roadster flyer. The complete build of Roadster is made from carbon fiber, comes with exclusive exterior color called Rosso Veneno however customers can opt for a number of other shades too.



The Roadster beats with the same heart of its Aventador with a retuned power of 750 horsepower from the 6.5-liter, V12 engine unit. The power to weight ratio of the Lamborghini Roadster is just 4.38 pounds per horsepower due to its total weight of just 3278 pounds. Thanks to the all carbon fiber that makes it feather lite on the roads. This allows the roadster to sprint from 0-60 mph in less than 2.9 seconds. Lamborghini, known for its speed tops the clock at 221 mph with this enormously powerful engine.


The Roadster model is equipped with racing chassis with push rod suspension and damper units with horizontal springs. The engine unit is ISR transmission that has five modes, which send power to all the four wheels through the permanent four-wheel drive mechanism of the Lamborghini Roadster. It is extremely difficult to get competitor for the Roadster since there are no better competitors offering 750 horsepower at 4.5 million U S Dollar pricing.


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