Alberta Ferretti and her fall fashion collection that was inspired by the forest


Alberta Ferretti is a dressmaker and a fashion designer.  She has a showroom in Milan, Italy while the studio is found in Cattolica at Rimini.  Her first boutique called Jolly was founded in Cattolica. Her first collection was designed during the year 1973 and the co-founder was Aeffe.  She started showing her seasonal collection on the Milan runway.


She presented the reminiscent of the clothes of The Great Gatsby in Milan Ready to wear show.  Among her designs, there was a trim and long gingham dress which was in pale blue.  There was also a crocheted dress that reached over the knee. The collection included draped, long and short dresses. She extended her collection in New York.  She is well known because of her design that includes draping, tucking and twisting technique.  Some of her dresses are cut high on the front while draped at low on the back.


If Alberta Ferretti has decided to do a fall collection, then he does the fall collection.  At the fall of 2014 fashion show, she made the runway look as it is a pile of different leaves by combining the oranges, olive greens and browns. She included also the earthly tones which may pull down any outfit to look like a drab color with the complexion drowned browns.




The trends came one after the other in the way that nothing felt as it was forced. There was a blend of the street style and runway trends that kept the fashion fresh. The metallic dresses that have paired together with the sandals and the socks looked as if they have always been there without creating a new look.


The earthy tones and leafy accents were not gotten by the accident because everything had been made to replicate the forest. These dresses became the beautiful interpretation for the nature. Some of the creations include the dresses that made the model to look like birds or tree trunks or the new version of the Little Red Riding Hood.


Texture played a big role in the collection of the dresses including the embroidery, lace, wools, feathers and knitted fabric.  This was to enhance the idea of the forestry encasing the figure of the woman. Even if all the lengths and cuts were not able to lend themselves into the winter and fall silhouette, the heavier fabrics are thicker layers and they make a sense. Some dresses can be paired with the boots and tights and not always with sandals.


The collection is considered to be perfect in many ways.  It is hard for someone to play with such brown and end up making everything stylish.   She was been able to pull off everything in a successful way. The interpretation of the encroaching forest does work well if it is in its conceptual form and not the literal one.  Regardless of the way everything is reviewed, the collection has made the best wonderful job while bringing fashion and nature at one place. This has been one of the rare ideas that have been executed in a beautiful way.






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