Cirrus Aircraft has officially launched their brand new 2017 GS, the newest edition of their SR20, SR22, and SR22T piston airplanes.

This newest model comes packed with the recently revealed Cirrus Perspective+ by the flight deck of Garmin, cockpit connectivity solutions, luxury Cirrus Spectra wingtip lighting that’s automotive-inspired and so much more.

At the very core of G6 is the next generation and brand new Cirrus Perspective+ flight deck designed by Garmin itself.

Taking inspiration by the latest G1000 NXI integrated platform of Garmin, Perspective+ features a processing speed 10 times faster compared to the earlier Cirrus Perspective avionics, according to the officials of the company.

Its capabilities include SurfaceWatch safety protection, animation datalink weather, wireless database uploads, visual approach capabilities, payload management, and more.

Its keypad controller also has a QWERTY interface which allows pilots to make a more seamless transition from tablets, laptops or smartphones.

Also, Perspective+ has a brand new HOME key, which instantly brings you back to your primary navigating functions with the mere touch of a button.

Its brand new autopilot controller, featuring the iconic Blue Level Button which Cirrus initially brought to the market, has tied the jet product lines and piston together from its automatic Yaw Damper functionality that’s optional and the similar controller used on Vision Jet, as noted by the company officials.

The president of customer experience, Todd Simons, added that G6 is the solid result of the most feature rich, capable and innovative set of upgrades that they have ever applied to the whole product line of SR. Comprehensive is the word which best describes the breadth and depth of all improvements in the GS as fully integrated and completely redesigned user interface and the lighting quick speed of the latest Cirrus Perspective+ flight deck can be noticed right from the time you power up. The Perspective+ adds the game changing capacities right away to G6, ranging from navigation, to safety to connectivity, giving operators and owners a totally elevated ground, cabin, in-flight and pre-light experience.


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