Lotus C-01 is now considered to the motorcycle of the future and it can replace Asphalt

Lotus is known to be the producer for the unique supercars and now it has extended to the Kodewa motorcycle designed for performance of C-01. This is the first motorcycle for the lines for the brands of vehicles. The designer for this motorcycle is Daniel Simon and he worked for Volkswagen and Bugatti before.  He also worked on the Hollywood concept such as oblivion, Tron and Captain America. The C-01 is a bike with elegance and it is at the same time eye catching while it is expected to be found in the futuristic movies. It has the agility and the power known for the Lotus Brand.

The bike is made by the use of C-01, the aerospace and carbon fiber. It is light at the same time responsible on the road. It has an engine which has 4 stroke engine, 2 cylinder, and V-twin. This is enough to give this car the place as a superbike since it can put out 200hp.

For someone who would like to be the lucky owner of the C-01 have to act faster because only 100 types of these bike will be made. This will make the bike an instant item for the collectors at once.   Dr Colin Kolles has said about this bike that in the past he only saw many motorcycles which give more chances to the style and substance but this bike had been able to be unique by combining both the aesthetic and the art of technology.

As Kolles has already said, when it comes the aesthetic, the car can achieve this but about the technology; there is was a need to keep the judgment until the bike would have been available.  However, the people who had access to such motorcycle agree that it is incredible and there are many sale queries which have been placed.

The Lotus C-01 is already interesting because it is the legendary name in the racing and sports cars. It is designed by Daniel Simon who is well known for its holistic and clean concept. The car is expected to carry the brutal forces together with the style and elegance. It is heartbreaking and emotional and it plays the retro. The production, development and the assembly will take place at Holzer Group.  The company has more experience in the professional motorsports.  The Holzer has been successful to implement different projects which include the German Touring car called DTM. The renowned manufacturer includes the aerospace and automotive industry which include the metalwork sector that trust in the competency of the mid-sized business.

Lotus C-01 features the frame which is an aero tech mad in carbon fiber frame, titanium and steel. The fork is upside down, the suspension is twin suspended strut with a twin brake disc among others.




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