12 Months of Adventure for 2023

Travel Adventures 2023

Adventure can be found around every corner in 2023 for travelers seeking one new experience after another. From luxury island escapes to holiday city breaks, this year could be the best time for a new travel adventure. Whether it is the Caribbean in winter or Down Under at Christmas, travelers can find luxury in every location of our 12 destinations for 2023.


Cold weather has engulfed much of the northern hemisphere. Bad weather, grey skies and shorter days can really make for some long winter months. That is why a trip to the Caribbean is the perfect way to get rid of the winter time blues. Barbados is the perfect destination, and visitors to the Sandy Lane resort will find the ideal setting for an island getaway. During the winter months it is common to see celebrities enjoying a holiday stay at Sandy Lane. The entire resort is full of spacious rooms with plenty of technology for all of your gadgets. Travelers can play three nearby golf courses while not sunning themselves on the gorgeous beaches. Sandy Lane is the ithotel when visiting Barbados, so book a winter escape to the island.


Countries around the world celebrate Carnival in February. Although the events in Brazil are the most talked about, the German city of Cologne celebrates the end of the festivities like no other. Cologne parties just as hard as anyone else during the February festival. Drinking, dancing and masked balls are just some of the amazingly fun activities to take part in. When visitors aren’t participating in the fantastic events, Cologne offers a number of historic sites to experience. Cologne Cathedral is one of the city’s most visited venues. A World Heritage site since 1996, the cathedral holds 20,000 people at one time; and it will be one of the most visited places during Carnival.


Spain attracts visitors throughout the year, and Valencia is one of the country’s southern cities that travelers love. March is the perfect time to visit Valencia as the weather is beginning to warm up and visitors can enjoy outdoor activities during their stay. Thanks to millions of euros being pumped into the city in recent years, Valencia has become extremely modern in many areas. From great art museums to can’t miss cultural events, Spain’s third city is a must-visit, and it is perfect for avoiding the crowds in Barcelona. Valencia boasts five Michelin starred restaurants, and each serves a delicious menu of local and international favorites. Ricard Camarena Restaurant is considered by many to be the best of the best. Owned by head chef Ricard Camarena, the restaurant serves seasonally sourced produce that makes each dish unforgettable.


As the snow melts and summer beckons, it is time for one last winter wonderland adventure. Switzerland has mountains of snow waiting for visitors. Zermatt is considered the best Swiss resort for an April ski trip. Some ski enthusiasts have proclaimed Zermatt to be heaven on Earth when it comes to skiing. Regardless if you are a ski expert or just love sipping scotch in the resort, Zermatt is an ideal destination for anyone looking for a snowy getaway. Located just below the Matterhorn, Zermatt is a world-renowned ski resort with pristine pistes of freshly packed powder. If you want to take the family, there are plenty of great family options. However, couples can enjoy gourmet restaurants and plenty of alone time when they aren’t cascading down the slopes.


The coastal areas surrounding the United States is a playground for sailing and yacht enthusiasts. Charleston, South Carolina has plenty of downhome southern hospitality to treat visitors during May. The waters off of Charleston’s coast are gorgeous during the springtime and visitors can enjoy accommodations onboard luxurious yachts. Travelers can even spend a day sailing before experiencing a night out in Charleston’s fantastic bars and restaurants. After a night on the town, you can head back to the boat for some rest and relaxation. If you would prefer sleeping in a cozy bed with room service at your beck and call, then The Beach Club at Charleston Harbor is the place to stay. With views overlooking the city’s gorgeous seaside, this five-star hotel will provide everything you need during a trip to Chuck Town.


Santorini is the easternmost Greek Island. It is absolutely gorgeous, and when June hits, the entire island gleams with glittering sunlight. The island’s whitewashed buildings are classic Greek and the waters that surrounds Santorini are shimmering blue. The Greek food served in the restaurants around the island is to die for. Whether it is a five-star eatery or a simple local taverna, the dishes served on Santorini are traditional and delicious. The CanavesOia is a five-star hotel loaded with character. The hotel overlooks the Aegean Sea and offers visitors the chance to reach the beach when it is time to soak up the Greek sun. CanavesOia’s location provides tourists with the opportunity to see local sites such as castle ruins and the Port of Ammoudi. You may just want to sit beach side with a drink in hand while perfecting your golden Greek tan, however.


When most travelers think of Ibiza visions of loud dance clubs and drunken tourists come to mind. But that isn’t what you will find on a luxury holiday to the White Isle. The island is surrounded by a beautiful coastline that is home to kilometer after kilometer of excellent sailing. Spending a holiday lounging on the sands of CalaJondal and CalaD’Hort will make you forget all the stress from back home. Both beaches are gorgeous, sophisticated and mesmerizing. The Ca Na Xica is the perfect base for a trip to Ibiza. Set amongst the Ibiza countryside, you will feel like you are spending the holiday on a palatial estate. There is nothing better than watching a gorgeous Ibiza summer sunrise or sunset from one of the hotel’s terraces.


As the summer in the northern hemisphere comes to an end, it is time to grab your kilt and head to Scotland. What better way to experience the lochs, haggis and the highlands than with your very own castle? Get to know your Celtic roots by staying in a castle during a trip to the Scottish countryside. Travelers to Scotland can choose from an assortment of mansions from all over the country. From gorgeous castles in the highlands to coastal mansions that overlook the sea, there are places to rent of all varieties. What better way to celebrate a major event than with a Scottish castle. Visitors can surround themselves with friends and family to commemorate an anniversary or birthday. The weather in Scotland in August won’t overwhelm you with heat like in other parts of Europe; so, you can relax on your spacious estate and live like a king or queen.


No city in the world is more romantic than Paris. Take that special someone to the French capital in September just as the weather begins to turn cooler. The city’s history, cuisine and luxury hotels make it one of the best destinations a holidaymaker can enjoy. The Eiffel Tower isn’t just one of the world’s most popular tourist spots, but it provides the perfect setting for a romantic meal. Luxury travelers can book a lunch at the Altitude 58 restaurant. Diners can sip on champagne and munch on delectable French cuisine while looking out over The City of Lights. Paris is full of great historical venues and five-star restaurants. For pure luxury and a gorgeous autumn setting, Paris can’t be beaten in September.


New York City is gorgeous in October as the leaves turn to yellow and orange. A walk around the most famous American city offers a rewarding experience as autumn takes over the American northeast. October features plenty of festivals and adventures for tourists to experience. The City that Never Sleeps is full of great places to eat, drink and sleep. As the weather gets cooler there is nothing better than a great cocktail. Maysville is a taste of southern comfort in New York City. Visitors can try southern eating treats that will make them feel like they were south of the Mason-Dixion Line. Maysville has over 200 bourbons behind the bar, so get ready to sample some of the best whiskeys in New York City.


As for luxury destinations, Dubai continues to grow its reputation as a must-visit locale. The city is still growing, so there is a good chance holidaymakers will find something new on their next visit to this oasis in the desert. Dubai is home to a number of resort villas. Think Las Vegas, but more money and with someone waiting on you every minute of the day. After wandering away from your gorgeous resort villa, if you must, you will find out of this world shopping, five-star restaurants and calm beaches with plenty of space to stretch out on. If you don’t want to leave your resort villa, it is no problem. Most of Dubai’s great resort villas have their own beaches. So, sit back, relax and get some sun while on holiday.


Sydney, Australia’s New Year’s Eve celebrations rival those of any other major city around the globe. But what makes it better than the rest is Sydney rings in the New Year before any other major port of call. Thanks to Sydney’s great New Year’s Eve, with over one million people, it is the perfect place to end December. Visitors will find Australia at the height of summer when holidaying around Christmas time. Sydney possesses world-class golf courses and sailing just waiting to be explored. After a day on the course or the sea, tourists can retire to one of the city’s exclusive five-star hotels for some relaxation. Sydney in December is magical, and the Harbor City never disappoints on New Year’s Eve.




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