3 Ways to Grow Your Beauty Business Identity

A beauty business can be a very lucrative one. With customers being at the heart of your service business, they hold great value. No matter how well your business may be doing, it is important to constantly be evolving and ensuring your business stands out from the crowd.

To do so you will need to entice new customers while keeping your existing customers as a priority, as they will likely contribute the most to your profit levels.

The following guide will cover just three strategies you can use to grow your beauty business.

Introduce a loyalty scheme

An oldie but a goldie, loyalty schemes are an effective way to increase customer retention.

They are often overlooked as they have gained a bad rap over the years for being boring, but this does not need to be the case. Loyalty schemes no longer need to be basic and result in rewards that your customers aren’t interested in. These schemes can be completely customised to your brand.

If you are unsure about what to offer as a reward, consider asking your customers how they would like to be rewarded to make sure you are creating something user-centric. There is no point in offering a free product if your clients would prefer money off service and vice versa.

As well as customer retention benefits, a loyalty scheme can also double up as a way to strengthen your brand identity. Spend some time carefully designing your loyalty cards to match your existing logo and colour palette.

Host a workshop

Hosting a workshop might sound counter-intuitive for a service business, but fear not, this doesn’t mean giving away all your trade secrets.

With any beauty treatment, there are always follow-up habits and routines that clients can do at home to help their treatment effects last longer. Teaching clients how to care for themselves will help them get the most out of their service and build greater trust in your business. For example, for a hairdresser, you could run a workshop on how to care for dyed hair.

Before hosting a workshop, plan out your key deliverables and how you intend to present them, whether this be spoken, via printed handouts, or digitally. Once you have this prepared, you will need to ensure you have all the necessary equipment such as acrylic nail kits or cuticle oil, if you are delivering the session in person.

It is wise to run one initial workshop, gauge how well it went, and get feedback from those who attended. That way you can incorporate any changes before your next session to give customers the best experience possible.

Sell products

Having a retail shelf in your beauty salon can generate lots of additional income. Giving clients the option to purchase a range of professional products in the same space where they receive their treatment is also convenient for them.

This also lends well if you are going to start hosting workshops as it allows attendees to purchase products that complement the new skills they have just learned.

You could offer even offer retail discounts as part of your new customer loyalty programme.




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