4 Latest Stories On The United States Front

The United States can never be off the radar.  Today, many new stories have emerged as far as the US is concerned. Here are the top 4 you need to know.

US Hiring At Robust Pace- Rise In Wages

According to the data revealed by the US, US businesses added noteworthy jobs in the month of October.

It was reported that this was the country’s healthiest pace in almost 8 months. Moreover, US wages rose by their highest in over a decade, which showed the true strength of the US market.

In October, 227,000 jobs were added by businesses. The major sectors where jobs were added, according to the Payroll Processor ADP, were retail, manufacturing and professional services.

Moreover, the unemployment rate dropped by 3.7% in the month of September; it’s lowest since ’69. US economy reportedly expanded at 3.5% and Americans had their highest spending in almost 4 years between July-September.

US-Cuba Tensions

On the other hand, at the 33rd Havana International Fair, there was a lot of buzz regarding ties between US and Cuba. This buzz was because of the high business prospects that could emerge after US joined forces with Cuba. However, 3 years since that happened, as the fair started in Havana recently, Cuba has been prickly with its dealings of Trump. Therefore, a lot of that enthusiasm has faded away.

Few arrangements and agreements have been reached with the US companies at the fair. The interest is evident in the cruising, airline and telecom industries.

However, the relationship between the two countries seems strained and would not produce as high results as expected 3 years ago.

US Charges Chinese Company For Theft Of Trade Secrets

It looks like things are a little shaky on the security front in US.

Latest reports have revealed that US has charged a company in China, controlled by the government, for stealing trade secrets. These secrets have allegedly been stolen from a semiconductor company in America.

Both China and the US are already struggling with the ongoing trade war. This news is likely to blow things down further, for the ongoing war between the two economies is still persisting.

It is alleged that trade secrets up to $8.75 billion have been stolen from Micron Technology Inc.

It seems like prosecutors in California will be announcing charges against intelligence officers in China for stealing information or trying to steal it. Reportedly, information regarding commercial jet engines has been stolen.

JUBC-Japan/US Business Council Meet For Free Bilateral Trade

On Wednesday, leading business leaders from Japan and US met to reaffirm their commitment and motivation for global trade and free bilateral trade. The meeting comes after Trump’s tariffs have had a negative impact on global trade.

Tariffs have a negative impact on any strong economy globally, said current Vice Chair of the JUBC, Japan-US Business council. The Vice-Chair had a positive tone with his comments throughout, as he wanted bilateral negotiations to materialize between US and Japan in the right direction. Other topics touched on the meeting were sustainable development, data breach, and cyber security.

The latest top 4 US business stories today suggest that the US indeed is the leading global power in the world. All countries want to negotiate with it for its betterment and improvement. While things didn’t go down that well for at the Cuba front, US’s overall performance and Japan’s initiative to move ahead means positivity for the US as a whole.

By Pete S.



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