Recent studies have shown that stressed workers are more likely to get injured while working and spend more days home because of recovery time. They also look for more time off work in order to get rid of all the extra stress that their work is producing on them. Therefore, you—as their employer, will definitely end up wasting more time, money, effort. It is a lot better to invest in the workplace atmosphere and facilities that will help your employees feel more energetic and motivated in order to help your company produce more efficiently and accelerate its growth.

Neglecting in this important matter might result in the decrease in the production capacity of your company and even lower the quality of your product. It is quite clear that there are some low-cost and very effective strategies that might be able to minimize the stress produced at work and help your employees reduce different problems related to stress.

The followings are 6 examples of how you can help your employees beat the stress produced at work and assure the success of your company:

  1. Provide your workers with a pleasant-to-the-eyes workplace that also helps them feel comfortable. An attractive workplace can do more for a person’s mood than we realize. Even if it’s just a resting room, try to add some informal elements like plants, pictures, etc.
  2. There should be a quiet place where they can take a break in; one that is different from the canteen room or game rooms since they are usually noisy and crowded. By taking a 10 minutes break from their work they will have the chance to get rid of some work stress and charge their batteries.
  3. Another great way to improve their attitude is by giving them the chance that make decisions that will affect the way they work and their efficiency instead of always being bossing them around and giving them order. They will feel less stressed with the sense of having some power over their own work.
  4. Always thank your workers when they finish a job or a task, especially if they did it without any problems. They will fill that their job is important and that their skills are taken into consideration.
  5. Choose ergonomic tools, furniture and workplace as often as you can. You will see the effect by reducing the chance of injured workers. Therefore there will be fewer workers that ask for compensations. Furthermore, your staff will feel less stressed and increase their productivity by using better tools.
  6. Take the chance to create opportunities and promote the cordial communication among your workers. Offer them an opportunity to make relationships since they will be more likely to want to come to work to a friendlier environment. Softball, bowling, or any sports team, even a book-reading club will help you achieve this goal.

If they sense that you are trying to made them feel more comfortable, they will make a greater effort at work resulting in an increase of production and efficiency.


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