$61 Million for Energy Capital Ventures Project

Vic Pascucci, ECV co-founder and managing general partner

The only venture capital company that is dedicated to investing in businesses that are focused on environmental, social, and governance imperatives as well as the digital revolution of the natural gas sector is ECV.

ECV is a leader in promoting innovation in the field of “green moleculesTM,” which is a phrase the company coined to describe technologies that span decarbonization, sustainability, and digitalization in the natural gas business.

What did the announcement say?

Energy Capital Ventures (ECV) announced that it has secured two more limited partners to invest in its inaugural fund of $61 million. This is the only early-stage innovation financing fund that is entirely focused on the ecological, social, and economic imperatives of the oil and gas business as well as its digital revolution.

Eversource Energy (NYSE: ES) as well as National Fuel Gas Co. (NYSE: NFG) are the most recent examples of well-known publicly listed utility corporations to make an investment in ECV’s “green moleculesā„¢” invention. ECV will hasten its deployment of funds in game-changing startups that are in the Seed-plus and Series A stage of development. These companies will have great executives who meet the environmental, social, and governance imperatives of the natural gas business and enable its digital revolution.

Green moleculesā„¢

Green moleculesā„¢ is a term that was developed by ECV to describe a group of technologies that include decarbonization, sustainability, and digitalization within the natural gas business. These technologies have an effect on the consumption of hydrogen, pure renewable gas, carbon-capture application and sequestering, climate-tech, emission reductions, ESG model construction and financial reporting, working population and product safety, natural gas sensing and seep protection, corporate quality improvement, customer satisfaction, and automation. This is because they are related to the natural-gas value stream. A large number of additional venture capital organizations either concentrate on green-electronic solutions that are specific to electrification or operate as wide generalist funds. As a result, companies are unable to fully grasp the potential benefits of a broad energy portfolio and the holistic requirements of their customers’ energy demands.

“Adding both these companies to our portfolio indisputably underlines the strategic relevance and industry validation of the effort we are undertaking to accelerate development in greener moleculesā„¢,” remarked Vic Pascucci, ECV co-founder and leading general partner. To further our fund’s goal of hastening the spread of environmentally friendly innovations in the natural gas sector fills us with unbridled enthusiasm for the years to come.

Cemvita, a business in ECV’s portfolio, is a prototypical example of the firm’s green-moleculeTM investing thesis since it employs synthetic biology to decarbonize a traditionally carbon-intensive sector. Cemvita is working on green aircraft fuel alongside United Airlines as well as bio ethylene with Oxy. In addition to various other fascinating emissions reductions activities in biomining as well as biomanufacturing, the business is also allowing “gold hydrogen” alongside Chart Companies and some other industry sponsors.

Having safe, dependable, and renewable resources to the communities we serve is a top priority for Eversource Energy, and technology is essential to achieving that goal, said Bill Akley, president of Eversource Energy’s gas division. Because to Energy Capital Ventures’ support for green-moleculeā„¢ innovation, we’ve been able to adapt our company to best represent the areas we support in the future. To meet our state’s greenhouse gas reduction requirements, the energy industry as a whole will need to be creative and find innovative ways to address the problem. By bringing much-needed technologies to market, ECV is making it possible for our sector to make advances that contribute to these cutting emissions.

According to Pascucci, “the green-moleculeā„¢ revolution led by ECV and the digital modernization of the natural gas business constitute a total untapped market worth billions of dollars globally.” Natural gas network paves the way for the generation of sustainable, safe, dependable, and cost-effective power, both now and in the future.

David Bauer, CEO and president of National Fuel Gas Co., has remarked, “Technology is a basic guiding value of National Fuel.” We can better serve our people, protect the environment, and provide reliable electricity thanks to the network of new and developing technologies made available to us by Energy Capital Ventures. Each member of our group enthusiastically backs ECV and everything that they stand for.

With the help of these new collaborators, Energy Capital Ventures is going to be in stronger position to propel game-changing technologies. According to Suzanne Sitherwood, CEO of Spire and original ECV limited partner, “together we can alter how power is provided to consumers and significantly progress our business.” Customers rely on ECV to provide them with inexpensive, dependable, and clean natural gas, and as the company expands, so will its ability to do so.

What They Do at Energy Venture Capital

Inside the natural gas market, Energy Capital Ventures (ECV) is the sole seed-stage VC company focused on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) implications and digitalization. ECV’s tailored interaction and integrates seamlessly with its key partnership business further distinguish it from the competition, in addition to its emphasis that advocates innovation in green moleculesā„¢. To facilitate cooperation between the entrepreneurial environment and fossil fuel providers on solutions that can deliver pure, safe, dependable, and cost-effective electricity, Energy Capital Ventures is equipped to use this paradigm to serve as a collaborative development platform. Visit www.energycapitalventures.com for more information.



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