7 Instagram Themes You Have To Try

Instagram is a very visual social media platform. The more appealing your photos or videos are, the more likely you are to get more followers and likes on your profile.

Themes are a great way to create a visually-appealing page that will have your followers wondering what you’ll post next. Here are seven you should try on your own:

Color-Coordinated Theme

Some of the best Instagram pages stick to a color theme. This means that all of the photos posted contain one or more of the same colors. No matter if it is rainbow or a specific color you come across a lot, posting photos with the same color can turn out to be rather attractive to the eye.

Minimalist Theme

Minimalism is a popular form of interior design and fashion, but your Instagram can reflect a minimalist feel too!

Take photos of simple designs in neutral colors. This theme helps to keep your Instagram wall nice and neat.

Checkerboard Theme

This one is a play off of the color-coordinated theme. With this theme, Instagrammers alternate photos of their color of choice with blocks of another complementing color. The blocks typically contain quotes or inspirational words. They are alternated so that you can see a checkerboard when viewing the Instagrammer’s wall.

Black And White Theme

Just like the color-coordinated theme, this theme gives a black and white representation of your account. You can either edit your photos in another program or app, or you can use Instagram’s in-app filters to convert your image to black and white.

Shape Theme

If you want to keep the variety that comes with colors, you can choose to instead stay consistent by posting photos that feature a certain shape. The shape can be simple like a circle, triangle, or square, or can be more difficult to find like an octagon.

You could stick with this theme by photographing images containing the shape that you find on the street or in your everyday life.

Puzzle Theme

If you’re looking for a challenge, the puzzle theme for Instagram could be one that you want to take.

This theme presents your Instagram wall as one giant piece of art made up of smaller posts that play a part in creating a bigger picture. This can be done with some photo editing but can prove to be rather difficult. If you want to do this theme, you will likely need to edit your photos outside of Instagram so that you have a flawless big picture every time.

Lines Theme

You can alternate what you post by the line both horizontally and vertically. If you want to keep your lines themed horizontally, you would post three that fit one theme and three that fit another alternately. If you want to keep your theme vertically themed by line, post one of your first theme, then one of your next, then two of your first theme again. This will cause a vertical line down the center of your Instagram page.



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