A number of CJ Automation & Controls, LLC’s assets have been purchased by Triad Control Systems, LLC, a full-service automation provider

Triad Control Systems, LLC (TCS) announced that it has entered into a deal with CJ Automation and Controls, LLC to buy certain assets and contracts from that company (CJAC). The completion of the acquisition is anticipated to take place on or around September 1st, 2022. The capacities of TCS to service the Gulf Coast region will be improved as a result of this purchase, and there will be an improvement in the bench strength of the PLC product lines. In addition to this, CJA’s current customers will be able to benefit from TCS’s extensive panel manufacturing capabilities.

Brief overview of latest procurements

According to Peter Rafeedie, Manager of Triad Control Systems, LLC, “We regard this as a genuine victory for everybody concerned, including CJ Automation and Controls, our customers, and our respective workers.” We are happy to continue the history of CJ Automation and Controls since its ideals and reputation for excellent work are similar to our own, and we are pleased to have acquired the company. This improves our capability of providing services to a greater number of customers in the midstream sector.

“We are very glad to discover a firm with the knowledge required to continue to serve our loyal customers with high-quality supplies and craftsmanship for their automation and management requirements,” Robert Mitchell, President of CJ Automation and Controls, said in an additional statement. “We are extremely pleased to find a firm with the experience needed in order to supply our valuable clients with excellent controls and automation products.” This is a terrific transaction because to their emphasis on people and the basic principles that they uphold.

Please visit this link at https://thenewtrongroup.com if you are interested in learning more about Triad Control Systems, LLC. Visit the website at http://www.cjautomation.com if you would like more information about CJ Automation and Controls, LLC.

Triad Control Systems, LLC: Some Background Information

Triad Control Systems, LLC (TCS) is an automation firm that offers a complete suite of services, including but not limited to design services, manufacturing of control panels and modular buildings, systems engineering, and analytical system utilities. TCS is a subsidiary of The Newtron Group, LLC (NGI), which is the ultimate parent business of TCS. NGI was established in 1983 by Newtron B. Thomas and is now one of the biggest privately-owned specialist electrical construction firms in the county. NGI is widely regarded as one of the most successful industrial electrical and measurement suppliers in the United States. The company generates more than $600 million in yearly sales and has close to 3,000 workers. NGI and its subsidiaries take great pride in the fact that their work is performed all across the U. S. NGI has offices located on both the eastern seaboard and the west side.

Who they are and what they Do at CJ Automation and Controls, LLC

CJ Automation and Controls, LLC was established in 1999 and has since been an industry leader in the fields of integration testing solutions, start-ups, PLC programming, HMI software, as well as the sale and maintenance of control and automation equipment. They have worked with a large number of customers both in the United States and in many other countries across the world. The proprietors have made the decision to relax and relish the benefits of their effort after 23 years of providing excellent service to their clientele.




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