Airpods 3 – The 3rd generation is here

Airpods 3

Apple’s newest AirPods are finally here. It was a long waited product since the previous version is released. It has become Apple’s most popular accessory. Therefore, such a product was with higher expectations and believed to be added a lot of features alongside. Apple lovers from around the world were very curious about the Airpods 3 release date, Airpods 3 price, and the Airpods 3 new features. Is it worth buying the new Airpods 3? Are there any AirPods 3 alternatives? These are the most popular questions asked about the new Airpods 3.

Apple has introduced the new Airpods 3 with the highlighted feature of spatial audio and adaptive EQ with a tuner that works according to the surrounding. How is the third generation of Airpods going to be competitive with the other wireless hands frees in the market?

What is new with New Airpods 3?


Apple has designed the new Airpods 3 with shorter stems and a more contoured design to suit most ears. They have worked hard to provide the best angle to provide comfort for longer use. They haven’t added a physical volume controller to the newest design but the weight distribution of the earbuds has been improved. The force sensor allows the user to control music playback by using a single tap for play and pause, double-tap for skip forward, and triple press for skip backward.


To provide the best audio possible, Apple’s H1 chip has been powered with an adaptive EQ feature which uses the microphone to monitor the sound and choose between low and medium frequencies where necessary.

The custom driver and high dynamic range amplifier provide deep bass and clear sounds. The microphone mesh minimizes the wind sounds. The new Airpods 3 supports the AAC-ELD codec and provides full HD voice quality for Facetime. It further minimizes the noises and keeps focus on the user’s voice for calls and voice commands.

The stem of the Airpods 3 has been made for water and sweat resistance with the IPX4 rating. Not only the Airpods but also the charger casing is water-resistant. The new skin detector can identify whether the Airpods are in the pocket or the ear. Once the AirPods are removed, it pauses the playback.

Apple guarantees six hours of listening time or four hours of talk time with the improved battery that integrated with the new Airpods 3. With the fast charging feature, the user can have 1 hour of battery life by charging for only 5 minutes.

Airpods 3 provides simple one-touch pairing, quick device switching, and audio sharing to save time. It also allows users to avoid a longer pairing process with support to all the iOS devices available.

Apple Airpods 3 is indeed a leap forward with highlighted features including sound quality improvements, a new design to fit the ears more and provide comfort with lightweight, long battery life, and many more features. Apart from the added features, Airpods 3 has the features that were available on the previous models. Overall, it is always better to upgrade to the latest, and it is worth buying the new Airpods 3.




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