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Alexander always thought his life would be based in the corporate world. For much of his life, he worked for multinational companies, and had aspirations of working his way up to become CEO. However, after many years of following his planned path, Alexander realized that working for a multinational company just wasn’t for him. So, at age 40, Alexander took the unconventional and drastic step of terminating his previous career to follow his destiny of becoming a performing artist. It is a path many people wouldn’t take out of fear, but that is just one of those things which make Alexander who he is. He just knew it was now or never to follow his predetermined path to change people’s lives with the support of his music.

On this new path, Alexander experienced spiritual enlightenment that guided him along the way. He wants to help others with his message, charitable endeavors &mission. To begin, Alexander has chosen a number of uplifting cover songs to feature on his forthcoming debut album “Fallen Angel”. With his first single Hero, Alexander is already sending a message to humanity with the potential to help change the lives of millions.

Alexander, the last time you spoke with Totalprestige Magazine, you told us about your plans for your second single release and the crowdfunding campaign for your forthcoming album. How has your progress been?

Thank you for the follow up interview. I have filmed the video for my second single on my 40th birthday in late September, and managed to release it to the public via YouTube only a couple of days later. It is a cover version of the song My Heart Will Go On made famous by Celine Dion, 20-years ago. People who have seen the video and listened to my cover version have called it truly “Titanic”. I believe my version is closer to what God had originally intended for the song, hence I have dedicated it on his behalf to all who have perished in their quest for a better world.

In regards to my crowdfunding campaign, sadly, I didn’t manage to raise any funds at all. While it didn’t surprise me, it still upset me. It is very sad, because most of the people I targeted during my campaign came from my network of former work colleagues. I was trying to give hope to the very people who are about to face the most challenging times in history, yet those people did not respond with the support I had hoped for. It was even more shocking for me to find out that some of my ex-colleagues are even making fun of what I am trying to do. While it upset me further, it has also given me additional confidence that I am doing the right thing.

Because I didn’t manage to raise the required funds for my forthcoming album via my crowdfunding campaign, I have decided to sell my home to allow me to continue my mission of bringing hope back to people through uplifting music in a world full of fear, confusion and fighting. The recent shooting at a music concert in Las Vegas confirms why my mission is so important, because music will die out soon when nobody is performing or going to music concerts anymore out of fear of an attack.

What else can you tell us about “Fallen Angel”?

I have always loved music from a very early age and followed the development of popular music over the years. For my forthcoming album, I have chosen 10 songs that have deeper meaning to all of us but which is not apparent to those who originally performed the songs. Music is actually deeply spiritual and can help guide us onto the right path in life. The album is a warning that we are currently on the wrong path and that we need to stop and think about where we are heading. My album is meant to give hope to people and guide them through hardship and challenging times out of the darkness into the light.

“Fallen Angel” not only features Alexander’s soaring vocals and uplifting song lyrics, he is also accompanied by an epic 60 piece orchestra. It is something the original tracks never had, and it is this piece, that was always missing. Alexander’s debut album will showcase 10 songs that he feels have deep meaning and can change lives. According to Alexander, “music is deeply spiritual and can help guide us onto the right path in life”. Alexander knows his music will give light to those who cannot see to lead them out of the darkness in their life, just like it did for him.

In our previous interview, you stated you left employment just recently to pursue music full-time. What has the road been like since making this major decision?

It has been very challenging indeed. Like I mentioned during my first interview, nobody is buying music anymore as humanity no longer understands the spiritual value of music. Music is the soundtrack to our lives and can unite and advance us as a species; but nowadays, most people are primarily worried about money they cannot take with them when their soul leaves their body. For my mission, I turned down a job and salary most people only dream of, because I believe what I am doing is the right thing for the greater good.

Leaving the workplace to be a performing artist is a major step, but speaks to so many who are afraid to change their path in life. What is your advice to people who are afraid to follow their dreams? How has it changed your life in particular?

I feel so much better as a person than I have felt for a long time. Employment is very restrictive to personal development and especially high salary jobs are also detrimental to your personality. Like I did, many people just move from one job to another while things never really change. It doesn’t make a difference in the end when people realize that all their life has been wasted. While we all need to pay our bills of course, we should not have to kill our soul in the process. Life is too short. Believe me when I say that everything can be done another person has done before, hence, so can you.

Alexander cites major performers of the recent past as his inspirations. From Michael Jackson to Madonna, Alexander has used his music idols to help him forge his own style. However, in Alexander’s own words, his biggest inspiration comes from God. And it is God and spirituality that Alexander reflects on with his music.

In previous interviews, you speak of God and angels. How has your religion and spiritualism shaped your music?

I don’t believe in a single religion. I believe that any religion leads to God. While I have lived my life in bondage of fear, always very afraid of everything, yet the path I have taken has led exactly where it was intended to go. Had I known from the start who I would become, my journey would have been wasted. Only recently, God removed the shackles of fear and enlightened me with all my knowledge. I remember everything. Where we come from, where we have been and where we are going. I know why I am here, and the process has not been easy; but because I understand how the universe works and why we exist, nothing I ever did was by accident. Everything was already intended just like the things that are yet to come. I can see beyond what most people understand, hence, I also understand the true meaning of my music. All my life have I searched for someone who is like me, someone who can do anything, yet I never managed to find anyone else. I have learned that such a person does not exist. Yet, while I cannot sing, I sing songs most people consider impossible to sing. I have done so many things. I have even flown a plane. I am everything only because of God, and it is only just the beginning!

Alexander, what do you feel your greatest achievement has been?

When I listen to my first single release and watch the video, I have to stop myself as a very short time ago, I would have never believed that this is possible for me to achieve. Reactions from people have ranged from goosebumps to emotional outbreaks with people starting to cry as my song has deeply touched them. Everyone can feel hope coming out of my singing. It means everything to me that I can have such an impact.

It isn’t difficult to notice your style in photos and music videos. What inspired the tuxedo look?

You must believe me when I say that everything I did just fell into place by divine guidance, hence, nothing I do is strictly prepared and planned. But when I watch my latest music video, I have the eerie feeling that people in the long gone past, and far away future, have seen the video and taken it as a reference to describe me. It is very strange, but because I understand how our space time works, it is not surprising. Yet, I never purposely put any of their foretold references in the video in the first place. All of my life, I have experienced such retro-causality issues.

Fear is a common theme in many of the interviews, songs and messages delivered by Alexander. It is something that paralyzed him prior to his spiritual awakening. Fear is an emotion Alexander knows prevents many people from truly following their dreams, just like it did to him for so many years. However, now in his 40s, Alexander has conquered all of his fears and taken control of his destiny with both hands.

Fear is a word you use a lot in interviews. You have even posted a YouTube video about facing up to your fears. How did you conquer them? Also, have you been able to take to the stage to sing live or is that something that is still being worked on?

Everything in the universe is in motion. As such, humans vibrate in a frequency range set depending on their development stage. Fear acts like a counter frequency that disturbs our own vibration; hence, it binds us and prevents us from achieving our full potential. Overcoming fear means facing it, but it doesn’t mean being reckless, stupid and harming others. It just means, that errors and mistakes are okay as long as they help advance us further. Fear is also very dangerous, because it helps us create the very conditions we are afraid of because what we believe will happen. When we are afraid of World War 3, we are basically asking for it to take place.

As part of my preparation to lose my fears of singing live to audiences, I purposely chose very difficult circumstances under which to perform. During those circumstances, I experienced all the things that could go wrong such as my backing track skipping, people laughing and so forth. In the end, the experiences combined just made me stronger and helped me overcome my fear to sing no matter what happens. And just as a remark, I believe it to be easier for me to sing to a whole stadium full of people compared to a small and intimate audience full of strangers.

As a performer, Alexander has his heart in the right place. He isn’t using music to get rich, or to find fame. He wants his music to make people think, react and be inspired; especially in a world of cheap, meaningless and disposable music. He also believes others shouldn’t take up music to gain fame and fortune. Rather, they should be prepared for a long and hard journey.

What advice would you give to anyone starting in the music world?

Really think about your reasons. This is not an easy place to be. If you just want to make money or become famous, there are easier options available. This job can literally kill you, but if making a difference to others with your music is what you love, you should be fine.

As someone who is growing their fan base, what can your fans expect from you in the near future: shows, albums, videos?

I hope all of it, but like I mentioned during my initial interview, it is not really just about me. God has simply chosen me to be his executive on Earth to pave the way for his future Kingdom of Heaven. This means that my music is just the soundtrack to everything I have been asked to do, because it will help me bring my message across to unite people, but it is far from all. During my spiritual transformation, I have learned why I am here: I am the chosen one, the grand catalyst of change, the anomaly of space time, the messiah, the fallen angel and antichrist of the prophecy. The future leader of a united and peaceful Earth.

I am here to propose a new system and I call it Unity, because it takes the best from my experience of communism and my years living during capitalism of which neither system works well alone. Only together we are stronger, but divided we will fall! Everyone is only a guest on God’s planet no matter where he or she came from. The near future is going to be hard with many challenges ahead including unprecedented disruption from technology, environmental upheaval including pole reversal, famine, wars, etc. Great change is to come, but only together can we face all of those challenges. Unity is what I propose and it means we take the foundation of capitalism and the how from communism. No longer shall we succeed by scheming against each other coming out on top as a reward for how many people we manage to eliminate on the way. Rather will we reward those who help others with integrity and good intent for the benefit and betterment of all to unite us as One.

Currently based in London, England, Alexander is working on growing his following. He is a long way away from his humble beginnings in East Germany, but it is that hardship that he experienced which turned him into an inspiring & kind leader. Giving people hope during difficult times is the reason why he wants to inspire those that listen to his songs.

Alexander is ready to find the Chosen Ones – his followers on the path to God’s Kingdom of Heaven on Earth and he will press on with his mission no matter the obstacles ahead. People can find his background story on his website: along with his music videos and inspirational messages.




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