Along with LeBron James and Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods is one of only three athletes to have ever amassed a net worth of one billion dollars

Tiger Woods

In a manner analogous to that of the other two NBA legends, the majority of Woods’ ten-figure net worth comes from sponsorships and businesses that are unrelated to golf.

Many people consider Tiger Woods to be among the best golfers in the annals of the sport’s history. He is now considered a member of the elite group of athletes with 10 figures.

How much is Wood’s total net worth now?

According to Forbes, Woods has a net worth that is greater than one billion dollars, putting him in elite company with LeBron James and Michael Jordan, both of whom just became billionaires in the past week. However, Woods’ victories on the golf course only account for a small portion of his wealth (less than 10%). His numerous endorsement deals with brands such as Gatorade, Rolex, and Nike—the latter of which continues to be his most significant supporter—have contributed significantly to the skyrocketing profits of his career.

What are his main sources of income other than sports?

In addition to his involvement in a number of businesses that are connected to sports, Woods also contributes to the growth of his net worth. He is associated with the establishments The Woods, TGR Design, which is responsible for the design of golf courses, and TGR Live, which is responsible for the production of live events. In addition, he is a shareholder in a number of other businesses, including one that creates training software for golfers and another that operates upscale mini-golf courses (designed for players whose swings are not as strong as Woods’).

In an interview with Forbes, the well-known sports agent Leigh Steinberg stated that the golfer and his contemporaries had “been extraordinarily skilled at acquiring pieces of enterprises, in building their own company, in ways that players before them simply weren’t.”

Despite the fact that Woods has only competed in the Masters and PGA Championship in recent months, he has earned a total of $68 million in revenue from sources other than golf in the past year. This places him as the fourteenth highest-paid athlete in the world. But this sum is nothing in comparison to the more than one hundred million dollars he was making off the green during the pinnacle of his career.

In the event that Tiger Woods decides to hang up his clubs for good at some point in the not too distant future, the more than one billion dollars that he has amassed over the course of his career should make him feel just as good as, or even better than, having won a PGA championship.


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