Amazon Fashion brings its Luxury Outlets to Europe

Throughout Europe, Amazon Fashion has debuted its Luxury Stores at Amazon offering, which includes worldwide names like as Christopher Kane, Elie Saab, as well as Dundas.

The high-end deal was first introduced in September 2020 in the United States and is now accessible to clients in the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Germany, and Italy.

As a result, customers will be able to purchase ready-to-wear styles from both known and new luxury labels.

Rianna+Nina, Boglioli, Altuzarra, Jonathan Cohen and Mira Mikati, and are among the brands participating, in contrast to those already named.

Inside the United Kingdom, they can indeed be accessed at, while in other European countries, they may be accessed at the similar web pages.

Amazon’s entry into the luxury market

It’s only the newest move in Amazon’s transformation from a bookstore to a major participant in a variety of industries, particularly in the fashion industry. Luxury is especially essential in this case since it has always been viewed as a seller of more cheap products.

According to Ruth Diaz, executive vice president of Amazon Fashion Europe, the company happy to be bringing additional options to all European consumers with the introduction of Premium Stores at Amazon, in which they can explore an inspired assortment of luxury designs for all events. They’re constantly exploring for opportunities to provide our varied, fashion-conscious clients more of their preferred labels and trends, and we’re always innovating and expanding our fashion collection.

She says that this is only the start, and they’re excited to continue to provide innovative tools and services to companies so that they can showcase their new designs and distinctive tales with Amazon’s clients throughout Europe time after time.

The offer suggests an upgraded experience that allows buyers to explore high end fashion goods as well as speedy and free delivery.

Archives are offered straight from partnering companies and creators, and brands determine stock, assortment, and pricing policies autonomously.

Amazon’s role in the project

For it’s own end, Amazon provides the resources and software for brands and retailers to develop and customize unique material in every one of their distinctive brand identities to connect and motivate, offering a new way for designers and businesses to reach current and emerging premium customers.

Dara star, Precious Lee, Kristen McMenamy, and Leon Dame in a commercial filmed by Angelo Pennetta and dressed by Charlotte Collet for the release.

Get set for an incredible summer in which uniqueness and self-expression are embraced and premium fashion is reinvented, Amazon writes.

Since its launch over 2 years ago alongside Oscar de la Renta, Amazon’s Luxury Stores has grown to encompass a “large and diversified” choice of international style and cosmetic labels, as well as “continuously seeking new and interesting ways to connect customers.” Luxury Stores, for example, announced an exclusive cooperation with Oscar de la Renta and ClĂ© de Peau BeautĂ© in 2021.




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