There’s some good news for Apple users. Apple is now adding some new configuration to its iMac Pro including the 256GB RAM. The addition is interesting but the price is whopping and quite high.

Moreover, you can also buy a second iMac Pro for the cost of a single RAM and then upgrade it too.

To put it in perspective, Apple’s RAM upgrades and the iMac PRO will be adding 32 GB of RAM and that to by default.

You can also add 64GB of RAM for an extra $400 and upgrade it to 128 GB, which will cost $2000.

The iMac Pro will also be upgrading to Radeon Pro Vega 64X GPU and to a new 16GB memory of RAM for a lower price of $700.

The iMac kit is an interesting one for it offers 2.3GHz 18 core to Intel Xeon W processor, 256GB of RAM and a Vega 64X GPU for $15,699.


On the Apple front, you can either choose to go for iPad (either white or black). Interestingly, the iPad will now be available in 5 different colors.

Apple will be selling 5 different iPads with two different connectors and two different Apple pencils as well.

This is an interesting fact because previously, the iPad was only available in different sizes but there are two different connectors and the pencils are a first.

The Apple Watch Series 3 is a very interesting bet. Priced at $199 and now LTE enabled, it is now priced at a very low price.

The Apple Watch Series 3 is a new model and it is an interesting one. Knowingly, the Best Buy deal is starting at $199 for now 38 mm model and with GPS capabilities. This matches the best price and essentially, it is the best price.

Best Buy is now offering the 38 mm model for $199 with space gray black sports and space gray aluminum case.

If you want to buy this LTE enabled version of Apple Watch Series 3, it is at its cheapest price. The 38 mm Watch is now available for $299 for Amazon and Best Buy.

The 42 mm Watch is now priced at $329 and now at Amazon and Best Buy too.

The GPS and LTE units will be at Best Buy and Amazon but for $40 less and this is its lowest price. The GPS and LTE Units are at Best Buy and will be available for a lower price and a newer color, the dark olive sports loop

Things have been very interesting on many fronts but what is interesting is that progressions are being made constantly. If you want to switch to Apple, there is definitely a lot you can expect. Discounts are cheaper and prices are lower but there is a lot more to come. Furthermore, these deals are here and there’s a lot coming up- So this means only and only good news for Apple users.

Stay tuned.



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