Audrey Sommerfeld. Founder & CEO of Jump To Health

Audrey Sommerfeld

Founded in 2018, Jump To Health has quickly risen as one of the top companies in the health, fitness, and wellness sector. Created by serial entrepreneur Audrey Sommerfeld, Jump To Health didn’t take long to find success. Thanks to Jump To Health’s motto of ‘Health, no Hype’, it has made lifelong customers.

Jump To Health is built on four pillars: health, wealth, living, and giving. Using the four pillars, Sommerfeld and company aim to transform the lives of customers in each of the four areas.

Audrey, Jump To Health is dedicated to helping people get “inner fit and a New You In 22”. Can you tell us what you mean by “inner fit” and how does Jump To Health’s products help people achieve it?

Our mission is to help end sugar addictions and all health challenges that can be improved with good nutrition. When we are inner fit, we have better blood sugar, cholesterol, immune health, better weight, better sleep and mood too. It is more than simple weight loss, it is about helping people feel their best so that they can have better health, wealth, living and giving. And we do this for the whole family.

We offer a New You In 22 program – as a way to jump start better health. On this program you Detox and Cleanse – without the cleanse side effects, Jump Start weight loss – lose up to a pound a day, Feel energized- without stimulants and loads of caffeine. Best part is this is ALL in just 22 days ! Then as you continue your Health Journey, we offer phases to help you lose weight, or build muscle and health with kits and programs based on common health concerns, and health goals.  We provide the tools to help people take back charge of their health and to learn about food industry lies and how to defend their health.

When you join our Health Journey – you join a community to support you and your goals. We provide nutrition information in weekly emails, along with healthy recipes and information on ingredients that can protect or support good health. We host weekly Healthy Half Hour training on Thursday where we talk about different health topics. Our physicians and health care workers on average get less than eight hours of nutritional training and we don’t teach this in our schools. This is just one area where we help people get Inner Fit, and help them achieve their health goals.

With New You In 22, you can save money and get healthier eating foods that taste great and that the whole family will love. New You In 22 is a complete program created by nutritionists to help you get the results you need to feel healthier, fast. When you join, you get everything you need – from shopping lists, to recipes for 22 days of breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, tracking tools for results, and products that fill nutritional gaps and make it easier to achieve your goals. Be part of a community of others, all on a journey to better health and get the support, advice and information you need to build a New You In 22.  It’s taking the “die’ out of diet, and making it fun, and we guarantee results.

Health – products and programs to help you on your Health Journey. With rewards and recognition, a supporting community to help you achieve your goals.

Wealth – We have innovative ways for customers to get rewarded for referrals and executives for earning income and free products. It’s easier and faster than other programs.

Living – Better perks for our members with our free savings portal for travel, entertainment (amusement parks, concerts, movies), as well as online shopping at major retailers. With our free training, we help you with living, personal development and inner fit growth, and financial education.

Giving – Our Walk To Give program encourages members to get active. By doing that they can help feed hungry families through our partnership with Feeding America.

All to deliver what we call  “What I.F.” – Income, Freedom, Inner Fit, Involve Family, Increase Fun.

New You In 22

Sommerfeld founded Jump To Health as a way to do something a little different in her career. A veteran entrepreneur, Sommerfeld wants to change the growing obesity problem the world faces. Through Jump To Health, she is able to address the obesity pandemic and transform lives.

You have been behind several successful ventures as an entrepreneur. What drove you to found Jump To Health?

We started Jump To Health because we wanted to create a different company that was focused on real nutrition science and education for our customers. I’ve worked retail before and in retail stores you have to pay massive slotting fees to get on a store shelf. Then you pay for the location on that store shelf. You pay for advertising and coupons to get the product off the store shelf along with the brokers and salespeople. And in all, this focus on the consumer as an individual gets lost. By creating Jump To Health as a word of mouth, social selling company, we are able to provide the tools and training for each lifestyle. We have meal plans for those with blood sugar concerns, meal plans and training for the Keto lifestyle, meal plans and training for a simple power of two program for ‘two shakes a day to melt the pounds away’, and we have vegan/vegetarian plans too. It’s about meeting the consumer and helping them with community, support, education, recognition, and rewards. It makes it a lot more fun for us and a lot healthier for them.

In terms of quality, for example, there are a lot of protein shakes on the market. Many of them are high in sugar, high fructose, contain no fiber, and have a low quality of protein. These may help you lose weight, but potentially also lose lean muscle due to poorer quality protein which can weaken long-term health. Our ‘shake that tastes like cake’ has a Tri-Sorb Protein™ blend, and nutrients to aid protein absorption into lean muscle. It provides prebiotic fiber, enzymes and more to aid mineral absorption, and help digestion, immune health, focus, and energy. We offer real nutrition, real science and then meal plans and programs to fit any lifestyle. We make it simple, affordable, and fun with our Health Journey. You can earn free prizes and gifts for losing weight or being a member of our community. Our company cares about quality, about people, and it shows.

Jump To Health offers a Compensation Plan to individuals. Can you detail the Compensation Plan provided by Jump To Health and why it is attractive to sellers?

Our revenue share plan is designed to help people earn income, simply by sharing their story and truly helping others. For someone that wants to earn $300 to $500 a month part-time, this can be achieved at our first rank of Bronze, which is $1,500 in sales. This can be done with three friends on your team and with three customers, your product can be free as well which adds an average of $125 to $150 in free products. Our program also rewards those who share more and we can show you by helping others and serving others on their Journey to better health. You can earn over $2,000 a month working part time four to 10 hours a week. Our plan is based on volume and team work and we reward it. And the key is you can join for free and get started sharing with your own customizable website, and with three customers on Smartship. You can earn your products for free. For customers we have a Loyalty Program – the longer you use Jump To Health products, the more points you earn and they get bigger for long term customers. These can be used to get free products, or can be redeemed for cash. We also have a Customer Referral and Rewards program. You can send your friend a $10 coupon, and when they buy a product, you get $10. They can refer others and get the reward, so it can go viral creating a Health Journey community.

And we like to say “Dare To Compare” because at our rank of GOLD, with $10,000 in volume and customers in your business (that you can achieve with fewer people than other companies), you can earn a $1,500 Mentor Bonus, a $500 Gold bonus, and 10 more ways to get paid each and every month. Real cash and no hidden gotchas like points on products that hide how much you can make. Our program pays on each dollar.

How does the Affiliate Program work?

Jump To Health offers customers and executives ways to earn income and free products. Our customers earn loyalty points for being on SmartShip (and they can alter or pause it in their own back office at any time). The points get bigger for long-term members as recognition and thanks for their being part of Jump To Health. They also can earn money and income from referring the products to others via our Customer Referral tools. Our executives can earn from product sales to customers and for helping others join as an executive. Executives can get paid 12 ways including team sales, personal sales, mentor and coach bonuses, and free products. They get a customizable replicated website, and can focus on their favorite products. There are tools for sharing on social media, in person, and emails. We ship the products for them. So, no inventory is needed, no special training – just a passion for helping others live healthier. We provide all the marketing tools needed to get people started and they can start a business with a free sign up! We have optional first order packs that provide products to help you get started on your Journey and help others get better health. These packs provide more products at wholesale value than they cost, so you get more value as an incentive to get started with products to improve lives.

One product Jump To Health is excited about is its Jump re:Leaf CBD product. Like other Jump To Health products, it has been developed by nutritionists with 30 years of experience. The company backs its items with studies and ensures only high-quality ingredients are used.


There are a lot of companies out there that claim they provide mental and physical well-being products. We’ve seen the rise of CBD products in recent years amongst other fitness items. What sets Jump To Health’s products apart?

Jump To Health products were created by nutritionists with 30 years of experience helping people globally achieve better health. We use clinically studied and patented ingredients and provide information on why certain ingredients are in the products, and what they do for health. For example, our Jump re:LEAF product has a clinically studied and patented form of Hemp Extract that is encapsulated to protect it from degrading in stomach acid. It is nano-particle sized and shown to be 20-times more absorbent than other CBD ingredients. Then, we combined it with other herbs and botanicals to provide relief from daily stress and aches. Our product helps with fast relief of aches and stress of the day, and over time, it helps support healthy muscles and joints too. You get better results at a better price than other CBD products on the market. Many people feel it in as little as 30 minutes and we have helped customers (working with their doctors) reduce pain medications as a result as well.

In November 2020, Jump To Health launched a mobile app. Can you tell us about the mobile app and how it helps customers?

The Jump Mobile App is really about helping people live and work easily, wherever they are. The mobile app has all the tools and functionality of a computer, yet is easy to use on your phone. From your phone you can send people product videos, fact sheets and comparison charts, and information on our programs.

We also offer training on the app and reward people who complete training as part of our Learn and Earn program. Executives and customers can use the app to order products or send coupons to their family and friends with our customer referral program.

Audrey, in your opinion, why are most people not getting the food and nutrition they need?

There are several reasons and it comes down to the food industry, lack of education and training, and the addiction of sugar.

Firstly, we don’t teach nutrition in our schools. Our physicians and healthcare workers on average get less than eight hours of nutrition training. And with all the confusing reporting on what is healthy or not healthy, people are not sure what to eat anymore. It is also politics and food industry lobbying that has really changed what we eat for the worse. Combine that with fast food and it has led to disaster for our health.

Today, the average person is eating over 150 pounds of sugar, with about 60 pounds of fructose per year, which adds up to a cup of sugar a day hidden in our food. Kids are eating too much sugar too. We are seeing obesity, cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and ADHD, all growing with the increasing amount of sugar hidden in our foods. Think about breakfast – hazelnut spread on toast? The commercials make it sound healthy but it is the same as putting five to six teaspoons of sugar on a slice of toast with only two grams of protein. Some yogurts are like eating six to eight donuts worth of sugar at breakfast. Our average adult and child is getting only one serving of fruit a day, typically orange juice. The most consumed vegetable is a French fry. This sugar addiction and lack of nutrition leads to irritability, poor sleep, lack of concentration and focus, gut issues, weight gain, and poor health. We are overfed and undernourished.

In the mid 1980s, we subsidized farmers to grow more grains, which store well and last longer than fresh produce. As a result we had a glut of grain, so the food lobbyists petitioned the government to change our food ‘plate’ to a food pyramid. The old ‘plate’ had eight sections and one was butter, dairy and healthy fats. The lobbyist efforts made us think fat was bad for us and the low-fat craze began and has not really left. We were told fat was bad for our heart and that we needed to eat more grain based on one flawed and now debunked study. What we did not know is that so much grain and processed foods not only contain added sugar, but also convert to sugar in our bodies. We replaced healthy fruits and vegetables with sugar laden grains.

There are only three things food companies can do to make food taste good – Salt, Sugar, Fat.  When they remove fat from foods as part of the low fat craze, they have to add more sugar to make food taste good. Sugar masks bitter ingredients and it is addictive, it works in our brain like cocaine. Salt intensifies flavor and today, we are eating about 40% more sodium than we should. Fat makes flavor bigger in our mouth and makes us feel fuller. By removing fat we now eat more sugar which can impact insulin and make us hungrier. Now we eat more, are hungry more often, and get less healthy fat for our body and brain.  We used to think fat was the reason for heart health issues – but it is sugar.

Sugar can affect your heart by:

  • Increasing the likelihood of developing type 2 diabetes, which in turn increases the risk of heart disease and stroke.
  • Spiking blood sugar levels (and so insulin levels), which increases your risk of obesity and heart disease.
  • Stopping triglycerides (fat in the blood connected with cardiovascular disease) from breaking down – leading to more sugar being stored as fat in the blood increasing risk of stroke or heart attack.
  • Lowers the level of HDL cholesterol (the “good” cholesterol) while raising LDL (“bad” cholesterol) levels.
  • Increasing blood pressure through increasing sodium accumulation in the body

And because of our growing diabetes problem, the food industry is now switching to fructose as it is low glycemic and sounds ‘healthy’. Fructose in fruit is fine because fruit has fiber to offset the fructose and slow its impact. Too much fructose can spike fatty liver disease and today, 10% of kids aged two-years-old and older have this disease. Many have NASH – an inflammation of the liver with liver cell damage. This can lead to cirrhosis which can lead to high blood pressure, inflammation, malnutrition, infections, and the build-up of toxins in the body. It can spike urea production and gout, and it can increase leptin resistance, interrupting our ability to feel fuller leading to more obesity.

What we suggest instead is to try Jump To Health products and get off the sugar addiction cycle. By having a Jump “Shake That Tastes Like Cake™” (Core whey based, V Pro plant base) you get better quality protein, prebiotic fiber, digestive enzymes, better mineral absorption and a whole bunch of other benefits for under $2.50 a meal. Studies show that the nutrients in our shake can help adults and kids have better energy, better focus, better mood and concentration. Kids aged four to 12 can have one scoop or half a shake, kids 12-years-old and up and adults two scoops for a shake meal. Our shakes can be used to make protein pancakes, protein muffins, egg soufflé cakes, yogurt parfaits and smoothies. Fuel your day the healthy way with a shake that tastes like cake- and get better nutrition for less cost than many retail brands.

Add Fiber Pro to juice or yogurts to offset the absorption of sugars and help protect from those sugar ‘spikes’ that leave you hungry and tired. Eat more fruits and vegetables (great in our shake smoothies) and add our Fruit & Veg power capsules. Control can help fight sugar cravings and support healthy blood sugar. And other products to help you burn fat, boost energy without lots of stimulants and caffeine like other brands. In as little as three days, you can feel a huge difference in your energy, mood and health.

Better Breakfast

Jump To Health is preparing for a major celebration in September. The company has a lot of exciting plans for its Leadership Event as it celebrates continued success. The event will not only celebrate Jump To Health’s past, but prepare it for the future.

Jump To Health has a major event taking place this September in Orlando. Can you tell us about the event and what guests will experience?

The event is going to be a lot of fun and a huge celebration of what the team has achieved. We  will have training, recognition, an awesome luncheon, and some new roll outs for fall and for 2022! It will be fun, rewarding, educational and will help set the groundwork for the future.

The company was originally launched in November 2018. With the weight loss and weight management industries so competitive, what were some of the early challenges you experienced as founder of the company?

Breaking through the clutter of hype and over promises that so many companies provide. We stand for real nutrition, real education, real results. A lot of companies use stimulants and caffeine to create artificial energy that leaves you wired, then crashing. We don’t do that. It’s not good for your heart nor your body. Our challenge is finding ways to connect with people and show them how we care, how our community is different and focused on true transformations from the inside out. Other challenges have been growth during COVID, keeping inventory ahead of sales growth and investing in technology. We’ve been able to achieve a lot due to the team we have that is committed to our big goals of ending obesity, sugar addiction and health challenges with nutrition. It’s health, not hype.

What is the future of Jump To Health? What are the plans for the company over the next year?

This next year is about healthy families and healthy kids. Their ability to focus and learn in school and to grow healthy can be improved with better nutrition. Obesity amongst children is growing as are ADHD, concentration, and other health concerns in kids. We know children need calcium, protein, fiber, fruits, vegetables, and protein. And sadly nine in 10 kids do not get enough fiber. One in seven do not have enough protein, and the most consumed vegetable daily is a French fry. We want to encourage families to join our Health Journey and see what a difference small changes can make for their health and the health of their family today, tomorrow, and into the future.

Audrey, what is a day in your life like?

Each day can vary depending on what we are working on! Typically, I am up at 6am reading emails, reviewing my schedule and list of what I want to accomplish that day, week and month.  Then meetings and business starts for me around 8am, though with global time zones sometimes earlier, or later! We have one to two daily meetings with functional departments to make sure we are innovating and planning ahead (Finance, IT and Technology, Sales Teams, Logistics, QA, Manufacturing, HR, Legal, Marketing and Product Management). Then, I try to block time each day and week to focus on growth initiatives and the projects and strategies for the future.

At least twice a week. I like to read the customer service emails/calls to keep a pulse on what consumers are saying or needing help with. Our R&D and Science teams will send me studies and ideas and I like to read those after dinner and then ideate with them on what we can do based on the information to help continue our innovation or education.

The most critical piece of what I do is staying connected to our staff, our field, and our business partners and providers to ensure we are all aligned, on track, and motivated to help our Customers, and our Executives achieve their dreams, and their goals. I like to say it’s about People, Priorities, Planning ahead, Profitable growth.

What is something most people don’t know about you?

I grew up in a town of 200 people in rural Minnesota. I put myself through college earning two degrees in four years while working to pay the bills. And then went on to graduate school at Northwestern University, Kellogg Graduate School of Business. My career has been amazing, and I have been blessed. I have traveled the world and been humbled by it and have seen that no matter where we live or what we do – we all want what is best for our families. We all have hopes and fears and dreams and it can be awe-inspiring to connect with people globally. I think it is my humble beginnings that helped me stay motivated and focused on helping others. And I know if it were not for mentors that encouraged me, pushed me, and believed in me – I would never have had this amazing life and career. One person can make such a difference, and I try to repay it by mentoring and helping others.

Other fun facts about me: I use creative hobbies to recharge my batteries. My hobbies are music, painting, cooking, and art. Many years ago, I was part of the cast and crew at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival and in Philadelphia was part of a non-profit theater group, and that was fun. I also paint as a hobby and have found that it helps center me and recharges me. I love the challenge of painting clothing as you can see on my Audrey’s Artwear facebook page. Prior to Grad school, I had a stained glass studio called “Pane in the Glass”. I’ve found through my life that the creative process teaches me a lot, and have found it centers and balances the business side of me. I also do CrossFit now, which for a person who describes themselves as a klutz, I think is remarkable.

Can you share two of your favorite quotes with us?

“Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.”

Harriet Tubman – her story is remarkable and inspiring

“Strive not to be of success, but to be of value” – Albert Einstein

If you had the power to change just one thing in the world, what would it be?

It is hard to pick one thing, because so many ideas are interrelated. Today, I think it would be about tolerance and the ability to seek to understand. From the arguments I’ve seen on the news and in social media, we seem to have lost the ability to ‘seek to understand’, and to allow respectful challenging of beliefs. To me, diversity in people, backgrounds, beliefs is a gift. If we all believed and thought the same things, it would be a bit boring. I truly value diversity, and respect for our differences. I’ve had challenges and hurdles thrown at me based on stereotypes, and I know others have as well. I would want us to see each other not for our outer appearance, but rather for our inner character. My wish is that we see equality not as sameness, but rather the ability to live our life on our terms, to pursue our own hopes and dreams without constraint. By listening to each other’s stories, points of view, and trying to learn from each other – I think what a world we can create.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Teamwork is the key to all success, and competition is within yourself. Athletes compete with themselves to continually push their own abilities. It is because of our team both in the field and in the office that makes me want to get up and keep pushing to build something great.

Jump To Health is on an upward trajectory in the health and fitness sector. In just three years, Sommerfeld has turned Jump To Health into a force to be reckoned with thanks to its high-quality products and selling strategy.

In September, the company will celebrate its past and future following a long, hard year of COVID-19. As Jump To Health continues to cut through the hype, it delivers on its promise to change the health of customers around the globe.

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