Basel “Vasili” Nassar. Founder of Boss Dog®Brand, Inc. Seattle, USA

Basel Nassar

The pet industry is an incredibly difficult industry to carve out a niche. However, serial entrepreneur Basel “Vasili” Nassar created a brand that not only carved out a niche in the pet space, it shattered many of the preconceived ideas of what pet products should be.

Nassar launched Boss Dog Brand in 2018, featuring unique dog treats filled with probiotics for man’s best friend. The big difference between Boss Dog Brand’s treats and those found elsewhere are the in the products themselves. Nassar crafted Greek Frozen Yogurt dog treats to give canines the best in nutrition possible.

Earlier this year, Boss Dog launched a second major product with its Raw Goat Milk . The response from pet stores and dog owners was positive. Boss Dog Brand continues to grow leaps and bounds while building on its initial product offerings. He recently explained Boss Dog Brand’s products and what pet owners can expect next.

Vasili, you are behind the innovative Boss Dog Brand of probiotic dog treats and foods. How did you come up with the idea for Boss Dog? 

I have an extensive background in branding and marketing food related concepts, specifically products associated with digestive health. I felt that there was a specific need for concepts, within the pet industry, that could stand to gain from our collective expertise and product offerings.

Boss Dog has a number of great products including Raw Goat Milk and Greek Frozen Yogurt. What benefit do dog owners have feeding their pets your products? 

At Boss Dog, we believe that you should feed your pet foods that are right for them and provide value at the same time. All of our products meet Association of American Feed Control Officals (AAFCO) guidelines and requirements. AAFCO is the organization that regulates pet food. All our offerings maintain origin and supply standards and offer additional value to the consumer. For example, our Raw Goat Milk has taurine as the second ingredient!

The company launched in 2018 with its Greek Frozen Yogurt line. What was the initial reaction to the product?

Overall, the reaction has been phenomenal! I’ve personally had the pleasure of meeting with more than 500 retailers in North America. Our team focuses a large amount of its time empowering the retailer to better support our brand, and the consumers’ experience at their stores. In less than a year, Boss Dog is already a national brand, focused on specialty channel retailers.

How have pet stores responded to the uniqueness and popularity of Boss Dog products? 

Pet stores love the brand strategy, product offerings, and moreover the level of support that Boss Dog “At your service” provides them. Imagine a one-stop-shop for all things Boss Dog. We jump through hoops for our customers all day, every day.

You launched a Greek yogurt company nearly two decades ago before founding Boss Dog. Can you tell us about your background as an entrepreneur?

It’s safe to say that I’m indeed, a serial entrepreneur. Early on, I was fortunate to have exposure to multiple business disciplines and access to extraordinary mentors. Many of these career assets are utilized regularly. From operations, accounting, finance, sales, marketing, I had to figure it out.  Innovation is part of my core. I work best when I’m free to innovate, and create “go to market” strategies with my close-knit team. I’ve worked with the same group of people for years, and it’s clear that we all have the same goals in front of us.

You get a lot of inspiration from your own dog Kelby. How has Kelby influenced the way you work as an entrepreneur?

Kelby came into my life during a critical time in my life. Pets really make your life better. Both personally and professionally, he was a blessing and still is today. My love for animals knows no bounds, and I take great pleasure in feeding them the best. Whether it’s my 140 pound Kelby, or our two pound Yorkie, Toby.

In March, the company launched the Raw Goat Milk treat for dogs. What is the significance of the launch and how much growth have you seen in the brand since launching?

Our Raw Goat Milk is really a special item for us. When the team collectively got together to innovate our Boss Dog Raw Goat Milk, we really wanted to raise the bar “without” taking away the purity of the product. Simply, we felt that adding Taurine and DHA, among a collection of other spices was the best way to give the consumer a means to supplement their pet’s diet.

Basel “Vasili” Nassar  Founder of Boss Dog Brand

How competitive is the dog/pet market in the United States? Does creating unique products truly set Boss Dog apart from the competition? 

The pet industry is one of the more competitive I’ve been exposed to. Not only is innovating new and unique items important, but any brand that expects to thrive, has to find other, more creative approaches. At Boss Dog, we believe we’re doing that better than the rest.

In late 2018, Boss Dog expanded into Canada. What led to that expansion and how has it gone thus far?

Boss Dog is a global specialty brand and we are ready to enter select global markets.  Our entrance into Canada was part of our initial go to market plan, and only timing issues delayed its initial launch.

Vasili, are there any new products in the pipeline for Boss Dog and what can dogs and owners expect next from the brand?

Yes indeed, we have several new and revolutionary items in the pipe. We will be showcasing a new treat concept in late 2019 that continues to deliver on the healthy and digestive benefits that all Boss Dog products maintain. Look for an exciting new platform in early 2020! Cat owners:  Boss Cat is coming too! We can’t forget about our feline friends.

How is a day in your life like?

As a serial entrepreneur, I’m used to the long hours and frequent travel. Now, in my mid-40s, I’ve definitely learned how to balance it all better, but I’m still 110% go all of the time..

What is something most people don’t know about you?

Haha… .let me think about it. Well, I consider myself to be musically eclectic. I’ve been known to listen to a wide variety of music, not limited to classical, R&B, and outlaw country.

What makes you smile?

My greatest happiness is when I’m surrounded by my family. This is generally when I smile. Or when mom makes my favorite Greek dish.

What scares you?

Ignorance and intolerance. I feel strongly that humanity should work diligently to avoid these two characteristics.

Vasili, do you have any hobbies?

Personal self-defense, weight training, and walking the dogs.

Which historical figure do you most admire? 

Lee Iacocca. He was a great businessman that had to endure industry pressures on a national and global basis. He also always prepared for his upcoming work week, and I do that too!

Can you share two of your favorite quotes with us?

“Sit tall in the saddle hold your head up high, keep your eyes fixed where the trail meets the sky and live like you ain’t afraid to die, don’t be scared just enjoy your ride.”  the late Chris LeDoux.

“Pain is weakness leaving the body.” Anonymous

If you had the power to change just one thing in the world what would it be?

Corruption – it’s toxic, and nothing good comes from it for the whole.

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