Beauty and Luxury on the Air

Airbus Corporate Jets Airline and the innovative Automobile Pagani have teamed up to create an extremely luxurious cockpit for the new ACJ319neo jet, better known as Infinity.

     According to Pagani’s philosophy, “Art and science can walk hand in hand.” The combination of materials such as Carbon and Titanium had never before been experienced in aircraft, but Pagani modernized the new Infinity Jet using a combination of these two metals to create a new look in modern aircraft.

     The Infinite Jet has the main feature which is its sky ceiling that allows you to have a view to the sky above the aircraft. This gives you a feeling of more space, comfort, and feeling in the infinite as its name points out.

     The ACJ319neo cabin is the largest among all other business jets. Although the exterior dimensions are the same, the interior of the Infinity is what characterizes it and differentiates it from all others and its designers are more concerned about the comfort of the passengers.

     Bringing together the best of the planes and the innovative technologies of Pagani created a balance of elegance, seamless, a design almost perfect for all tastes of lovers of luxury jets.

     The cabin of the Infinity is very similar to a path in which passengers can feel totally comfortable with different spaces to be and feel at home. It also has a conference room for special cases and a lounge in case of a small celebration. The different areas of the jet are separated by a crystal that passes from opaque to transparent at the press of a button.

     The design of the new Infinity is inspired by the curves of nature, soft leather rugs and carpets and a polished wooden floor give that cool feeling. The details in carbon fiber made by man, the wall frames echoing the combination of art and science originally proclaimed by Leonardo da Vinci.

     Like the Pagani Hypercars, every metallic detail has a unique shine, sculpted; its accessories of light and other details capture the attention of any passenger transporting it to an environment of another dimension. In addition, the LED lights allow varying the tonality of the light according to the mood of the passenger.

     The new ACJ319neo will fly eight passengers at 6,750 nm / 12,500 km or 15 hours and the ACJ320neo will carry 25 passengers 6,000 nm / 11,100 km, or 13 hours. These new jets have 3 compartments full of details that attract the attention of all. The cockpit, as in most jets, is comfortable and allows for handling, stability, and privacy to the pilot. The next cabin, the living room, is composed of 2 armchairs, furniture for several people and a flat-screen TV to enjoy a good program or good movies during the trip. Separated by the glass is the conference room equipped with several chairs around a fairly wide table that can also be used as a dining room. The jet is also equipped with spaces for kitchen, bathroom and other details that make the passengers on board feel totally at home.

     Airbus supports more than 500 corporate jet and airline customers with one of the world’s largest support networks, including services tailored to the needs of business aircraft.



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