Best Exercises to Gain Weight

Exercises to gain weight

The danger of extreme thinness

Some people suffer from extreme thinness, as their weights are less than the normal weight based on the body mass index (BMI), which is a tool for estimating the body fat content based on height and weight. A person suffers from extreme thinness if his body mass index is less than 18.5, and the reasons for these Many health conditions may be genetic, physical, psychological, and nutritional, and their complications are serious, such as: malnutrition, lack of nutrients, lack of body immunity, osteoporosis and poor fertility, especially for women, and the most important step in getting rid of extreme thinness is to see a doctor to treat the cause, then start to gain weight Healthy by the smart combination of weight gain exercise and proper nutrition.

Exercises to gain weight

One of the best examples of exercises for weight gain is resistance training, and in addition to its importance in increasing muscle mass, it increases bone density, which reduces the risk of osteoporosis, and helps prevent and control chronic diseases such as obesity, diabetes, blood pressure, arthritis, back pain, and improve The quality of life and alleviate the problems associated with aging, and exercising it two to three times a week for 20-30 minutes achieves these benefits, and there are many things that help in practicing this sport safely:

It may be practiced at home or in sports centers, and it is a group of exercises that target the basic muscles of the body, and depends on the presence of strength that the muscle tissue resists, such as: body weight, resistance ropes or belts, weights which are most suitable for beginners, resistance devices available in sports centers.

Each of the exercises is practiced with repetitions from 12 to 15 times, and performing it from one to three times with short breaks of 3 to 5 minutes between the performance and the other.

Choose weight or resistance wisely, as it is heavy to the point that it causes muscle fatigue in the last three repetitions, and if you feel pain before that, you should reduce the weight or resistance or perform the exercise after several days.

Warming up for five to ten minutes before starting exercises, to prevent sports injuries and muscle fatigue, and that is by performing activities that help increase body temperature and move joints such as brisk walking and rope skipping.

Rest is one of the most important factors that help in reaching satisfactory results, and its duration is a full day before repeating the same exercises.

It is important to perform exercises with the correct techniques to avoid sports injuries, with the help of a sports coach or personal effort by reading and viewing exercise techniques from reliable sources.

Best weight gain exercises for beginners

Compound Exercises are the best weight gain exercises for people who do not have any experience in the field of fitness, and they work to target more than one muscle group in one exercise, examples of which are:

Exercise Deadlift

Reverse lunge to balance with bicep curl

Squat exercise

Front lunge with twist

Dumbbell shoulder press on exercise ball

High plank T-spine rotation exercise

The importance of nutrition to achieve weight gain

The results of this type of exercise depend on the method of nutrition. Some people practice weight gain exercises for a long time without any changes, and the principle that achieves weight gain is simple but difficult to achieve sometimes: the body weight increases when given an amount of energy that exceeds its needs, and it is possible to know the body’s protests The daily amount of energy from here, and an increase of 500 calories over the resulting figure, which is equivalent to a basic meal or two snacks, and there are some things that help to achieve this principle:

Eat six meals a day, especially for those with anorexia.

Focus on the quality of the food before its quantity: every meal must contain the six nutrients, and choose foods that help to gain weight as they are rich in calories, protein, vitamins and minerals to help the body build muscles and strengthen bones, avoid unhealthy foods such as soft drinks, candies, potato chips and meals Fast food, because it provides the body with large amounts of energy through the huge amounts of sugar and harmful fats it contains.

Using additives that increase the energy a food plate provides, such as adding types of cheese to chicken nuggets and pasta dishes, olive or avocado oil on salads, and dried fruits in natural juices.

Eating a meal an hour to half an hour before the start of exercise, and it is wrong to exercise this type of sport without eating for a long time, because it reduces the body’s ability to perform exercises effectively, and consumes muscle tissue for energy, and for people who prefer to exercise during the morning, they have to eat a snack before sports and eat breakfast afterwards, and make sure that it is the largest and most protein-rich meal of the day.





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