Bolide. Beyond The Classic Limits Of Yachting

Tankoa Yachts By Exclusiva Design join forces to create unique project, the PROGETTO BOLIDE. Exclusiva is one of Italy’s leading design firm. With over 36 projects delivered in the last five years, plethora of Awards received for the magnitude and excellence of their projects and over 40 in-house designers, Exclusiva whose projects are designed for companies such as Gazprom, Ferrari China, captains of industries or heads of states is entering the superyacht market in partnership with Tankoa Yachts. 

Often involved in the most complicated and challenging projects, but also the most confidential, Exclusiva had in mind to enter the ultra-luxury super-yacht market. Representing the best Italy can offer, Fabio Mazzeo and Vito Taddei, founders of the company, conducted long due diligences and investigations on which shipyard could best materialize their project and build it to unparalleled quality. As a result of their investigations, they ended up choosing Tankoa Yachts to be the builder of PROGETTO BOLIDE, a 72-meter radical luxury superyacht design which exteriors and interiors are the direct result of Exclusiva’s limitless and unique experience.

TANKOA, known as the first Boutique Shipyard with a multi-cultural approach of yacht construction, offers the only true alternative to North European Shipyards for clients willing to achieve top quality with Italian know-how, capabilities and flexibility.


Bolide is the outcome of a coupling of excellence which also owes a great deal to its ability to harmonize imagination and inspiration with the solidity of Italian creativity.

The brilliant success of the pool trials provided solid guarantees in terms of waterborne performance, which was then coupled with a sense of aesthetics that goes beyond the classic limits of yachting.
The technical spaces, for example, are all hidden from view.

The bow is designed featuring an ascending line with a very high tip, similar to that of a classic luxury sports car or a bolide, as it would have been referred to in its day.

Graphic harmony, in the broad glass surfaces that virtually melt into the steel frame. The organic nature of the overall project is not limited merely to the fluidity of its lines: one of the main objectives of the designers that created it was in fact to provide an uninterrupted visual contact with the water. Bolide is at one with the sea.
The in-turning groove along the line that connotes the whole side: a feature that, like a thunderbolt, starts from the bow and continues all the way to the owner’s deck. The external lines are characterized by their double level. The volume of the upper deck, jutting out slightly from the craft, gives the perception of being completely surrounded by the sea.

The usually tiny round cabin windows are replaced here with large glass doors, which open thanks to the hatches on the hull, and are equipped with private terraces looking onto the sea. Unlike other yachts, with the interplay of light, lines and glass, the landscape constantly lies before the gaze of the navigators. At one with the water, never far from it.

On board the Bolide, hospitality starts from the lower deck, in keeping with a conception of space, both interior and exterior, which rewrites the way guests are received. The main entrance is completed here with a large poolside area towards the helm. Where other yachts house their technical spaces, on board the Bolide, guests are welcomed from the lower deck: the point of the
boat closest to the water.

The focus of the interior planning process is the transformability of the spaces. The 300 m2 that make up the outside may in fact be easily enlarged.
The external space, to be enjoyed during the day with a wide and deep swimming pool – the main pool of the three to be found on the yacht – may be transformed for events and parties thanks to a covering which, rising up from the bottom of the pool, reaches deck level, thus becoming an integral part of the large terrace.

The owner may enjoy an entire deck hosting an apartment equipped with cabin, bathroom, drawing room, gym and spa. The bedroom is enhanced by a spectacular skylight: an opening on the ceiling, above the bed.
More glass-panel windows and a owing sensation that continues as far as the sea. Luxury which is such because it transmits a sensation of freedom and contact with nature. In moments of privacy, the owner may withdraw onto the sundeck, with a terrace and a Jacuzzi entirely at his disposal.

The coverings are created with numerous devices to best shade the space. Privacy and comfort thus remain the highest priorities, despite guaranteeing a flawless reception of guests. The system has been studied with a view to seeking excellence in every aspect of life on board the yacht, including both welcoming and privacy.

One of the strongpoints of the whole project is the lush decoration of all the interiors, the nal result of which
is always the result of an in-depth dialogue with the client: decorative panels, paintings, design surfaces and a vast array of furnishing elements are decided through a process of listening, analysis and the sharing of transversal creative visions.

The artists, craftsmen and creatives involved in the project carry out ongoing research into ne techniques and materials, drawing on the values of the nest Italian artistic-artisanal traditions.


The Italian spirit, speed and bolidismo: concepts intrinsic to Futurism and which serve as the inspiration for the interiors and decorations. An inspiration which is not limited to design, but which also involves a series of technological innovations that have to do with specifically technical aspects such as the canalization systems, the air conditioning, hidden electric circuits: all added values that only a high-tech shipyard like Tankoa is capable of guaranteeing.

The chosen materials originate from a research process based on a huge range of typologies. This study has made it possible for Exclusiva to select the most suitable fabrics and coverings, without compromising on aesthetics, thus achieving a result that fully reflects the tastes of the client.

Even these rendered images are based on a scientific approach that starts out from a meticulous study of the samples right up to a careful analysis of colour charts.

Among the various technological innovations present on the yacht, a wine cellar that differentiates the temperature of the bottles on the basis of the type of wine, with an integrated Wi-Fi system that makes it easy to find the bottle you are looking for.

An innovative way to conceive and experience luxury, meant as a synonym of freedom. Enjoy the beauty of nature first hand, thanks to a nautical spirit with great potential for customization due to its absolute versatility.





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