Brian Nelson Willis. International Financier, Humanitarian and Philanthropist. Newport Coast, USA

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Brian Nelson Willis has been at the forefront of international financing since opening his first company BNW Financial Services, Inc, in 1990. Willis worked on the financing of production and advertising for major motion pictures, and later started his Brockstar Group of Companies, which continued his work in acquiring funding for large scale projects.

It isn’t just financial matters that Willis is interested in, as he is a dedicated philanthropist. Willis enjoys giving back and helping those who need it. He has donated large amounts to a variety of charities during his professional career, including Feed the Children and the Red Cross. Willis’ work has not gone unnoticed during his time as a successful businessman, and he has received numerous awards for the work he has accomplished.

Brian, tell us about your business. How would you describe it?

In 1996, I founded the Brockstar Group of Companies, but my first company was BNW Financial Services, Inc. It was a full service financial group specializing in large scale project funding for major motion pictures. Over the years, Brockstar has become extensively involved in arranging funding for large scale projects with budgets ranging from $10 million to $200 million.

What led you to this business?

I was recruited and trained in the business by a retired Rothschild money manager, who specialized in private portfolio management and international finance.

How do you define success?

By teaching others how to prosper. An individual only truly prospers in teaching others how to prosper.

Were you ever influenced by other entrepreneurs?

Yes, I am always influenced by individuals who are uniquely successful and talented in their own right.

What is the most challenging part of your work?

Patience…needing to wait sometimes for the results of hard work and affirmations.

What was your most rewarding professional experience?

Watching world changing events occur as the result of completing certain global financial transactions of magnitude either on a private, institutional or sovereign basis.

What do you have your sights set on next?

I’m completing a €5 billion fund for a current client and Aero Space Company that manufactures communication satellites and rocket busters.

How is a day in your life?

Busy, full of objectives, new experiences, goals and teaching others how to leave the world a better place than how they found it.

Choose two of your favorite quotes and write them here.

“There is only one way to success. You prosper by helping others prosper.”
“Enjoy the moment and live in the now. Success is a state of being.”

Any hobbies?

Collecting fine art, antiquities, coins and artifacts.

What makes you smile?

Watching a classic comedian like Bob Hope or Lucille Ball.

What is your secret talent?

Creating financial transactions and tailoring a financial package for a client’s unique funding requirement and need.

What are you never without?

Hope and a step-by-step plan in accomplishing a specific goal.

Which historical figure do you most admire?

Former president Richard Nixon

What scares you?

Leaving the planet without completing my purpose for having being born.

What’s your favorite vacation spot?

Hawaii and Rome, Italy

‘Best-kept secrets’ (websites, places, etc) you’d recommend, and why? and

Success draws success. I too am founder and owner of Billionaires Elite VIP. An Exclusive Worldwide Network for the elite. By invitation only.

What are three life memories you recall most frequently and why?

Waking up from my death experience and coming back to my body. My first business trip to Europe and serving as General Power of Attorney for the Knights of Malta Foundation. Buying and driving my first Bentley.

Brian Nelson Willis is currently working on a “cutting-edge neurospace project”. His Brockstar Holdings International, Inc is valued at $16 billion.




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