Buddha-Bar Restaurant Arrives in London

Nestled in the heart of Knightsbridge, the new Buddha-Bar Restaurant mixes up London’s dining scene with its sumptuous menu of Pan Asian dishes, reputable music and striking interiors.

Descending from the widely acclaimed and successful restaurant-bar-lounge Buddha-Bar Paris, established in 1996 by founders Raymond & Tarja Visan, Buddha-Bar London will offer guests an unrivalled experience blending food, music, décor and light perfectly.

Spearheaded by co-founder Tarja Visan, Buddha-Bar London has reinvented the brand, pushing culinary boundaries while inviting guests to dine for lunch, lights snacks and dinner. “Buddha-Bar is universal, each destination unique in its own right. With our brand new London restaurant, we have ensured the concept is flexible to the British lifestyle, yet still attractive to the restaurant’s eclectic audience.”

The Buddha-Bar London menu masterfully blends Far Eastern cuisine with Western tastes and influences. Pushing culinary boundaries, Chinese, Japanese, Thai and other Eastern flavours are stylishly entwined to re-invent the Buddha-Bar brand and spear-head a new-wave Pacific Rim cuisine. The Executive Head Chef has created dishes specific to Buddha-Bar London such as Venison Tataki, Smoked Duck and Foie Gras Gyoza, Dragon Scallop and pan-fried Seabass with Shiso Butter.

Signature Buddha-Bar dishes include the famous Buddha-Bar Chicken Salad, Seared Sesame Tuna, Wok Fried Beef, Spicy Tuna Tartar and Five Spiced Barbeque Chicken. Additionally the menu offers an extensive selection of Sashimi, Nigiri, Sushi Maki Rolls, Temaki, and Tempura dishes.

The icing on the cake is the renowned ex-China Tang Pastry Chef who has created a dessert menu of decadent Pan Asian treats that include Ginger Lime Cheese Cake with Pineapple Salsa, Chocolate Sesame Bars with Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream, and Mango Pearls with Coconut Cream.

Buddha-Bar London continues to bring avant-garde cocktails to the table with their highly skilled mixologist who will be shaking up the scene for those night owls. Choose from their extensive menu that includes Heart of Darkness, a sophisticated blend of red grapes, cognac and red port, or The Ultimate, a fresh mix of Maraschino liquor, Cointreau and pineapple. Guests will be barking orders for the delicious Oh My Dog!!!, a velvety concoction or rose syrup, Pama liquor and white pepper infused Gin.

Set over two floors, Buddha-Bar London’s stylish and beautiful interiors exude a fusion of colonial, baroque and East meets West style that appeals to the fashion conscious.

Renowned sculptor, David Begbie, who specialises in steelmesh, has designed the maquette of the Buddha sculpture titled ‘TRANSPOSE‘, created from a single sheet of bronze mesh, as well as the wall-mounted piece called ‘TRANSCEND‘, made of 207 brass Buddha figures.  Stunning crystal Chinese dragons hang elaborately from the ground floor ceiling luring guests down into its lair.

Buddha-Bar London plays on all senses with its live DJs who play carefully a subtle mixture of electro-style rhythms and ethnic and tribal sounds– together with all time favourites. “Restaurants are like fashion, we must adapt to our new generation’s demands whilst continuing to cater for the loyal customers’ needs. And at the new Buddha-Bar London in Knightsbridge, diners can witness this melange of ages fused together by Buddha-Bar’s renowned music”, stresses Tarja.

Buddha-Bar London caters to a clientele who appreciate ultimate elegance and panache.  Here guests are transported to an atmosphere that is dreamy, sensuous yet exhilarating–an auditory and visual journey around the globe just on your doorstep.




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