Bugatti Gstaad is Now Open for All Car Lovers

The Bugatti brand is no doubt one of the most luxurious brands to ever graze the car industry and now, Gstaad is lucky to have their very own showroom, much to their delight.

This new showroom was opened last month just in time for the Yuletide season. It is found right in the heart of Gstaad, a renowned Swiss mountain resort. The showroom is said to be among the largest of the brand in the whole Europe, taking up an area of 150 square meters.

The showroom is the 13th of the brand which features their new and award-winning design. Pichler GFAG is the sales partner of Bugatti in Gstaad. Bugatti currently has three dealerships in Switzerland, specifically in Zurich, Geneva and Gstaad. Bugatti takes pride to present the Chiron in their new showroom. It is a 1,500 PS super sports car that will be seen by the public for the very first time in the Gstaad showroom.

Being among the Swiss Alpsā€™ luxury hotspots, Gstaad is no doubt the perfect location for a showroom of the Bugatti brand. According to the Regional Director for Europe & Russia of Bugatti Automobiles S.A.S Guy Caquelin during the official inauguration of the showroom, they find in Gstaad an international clientele which appreciates the discreet but undeniable luxury of traditional brands from Europe all year round.

Caquelin also thanked their partner for the exceptional commitment, saying that they are happy to see that their brand and Chiron, their newest product, are now well represented in an ideal place like Gstaad.

It is said that more than 10 out of the 200 advance orders for the Chiron actually came from the country of Switzerland. By tradition, Switzerland is among the most crucial European markets for Bugatti, together with the United Kingdom and Germany. In fact, Swiss customers own 10 percent of the 450 Bugatti Veyron super sports cars that were sold in the whole world.

The proprietors of Pichler GFG AG / Bugatti Gstaad Erich and Othmar Pichler also said during the ceremony that they are extremely proud to represent the brand, a tradition which started back in 2010. Thanks to the latest design from the Bugatti brand, the Gstaad showroom has become the number one address for customers and guests alike. This provides the visitors the feeling that they visit Bugatti with no need for them to travel to Molsheim. With Chironā€™s launch, the proprietors said that they are also opening a brand new chapter in their successful cooperation with the world renowned brand.

The Pichler brothers established Pichler GFG AG back in 1988. For over 25 years, their name has stood out in terms of service expertise and sales in the field of luxury and premium automobile brands in the Gstaad area.

This latest Bugatti showroom is yet another example of the brand identityā€™s successful implementation in terms of showroom design, something that earned the brand an award from German Design Council in Automotive Brand Contest as well as other global prizes this year.




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