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Maxonrow is changing the way blockchain and cryptocurrencies are being used today.  According to company CTO Carlo Chung, Maxonrow makes every user and company go through Know Your Customer verification and every wallet address must be linked to a real human being who is responsible for it. Why does Maxonrow use KYC technology to power its platform? To give customers more security in a sphere that continues to grow by the day.

Chung has worked on the “technological roadmaps” for a number of companies over the years and has helped develop Maxonrow from the ground up. Chung’s work has developed the company into the robust platform it is.

Thanks to Chung’s incredibly long history working in the banking sector, financial payments and blockchain industry, he heads the Maxonrow technical team in its mission to build, design, and develop the company’s products and services.

Carlo, can you start off by telling us about the work that Maxonrow does in the blockchain sphere? 

Maxonrow built our mainchain with KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) standards embedded. We work proactively to comply with regulations and governments to create a healthy ecosystem for the technology to flourish. With Maxonrow, you can enjoy all the benefits blockchain technology offers without sacrificing regulatory oversight.

We expected years ago that blockchain and crypto industries would be increasingly regulated throughout the world. Disruptive technologies usually challenge the law in the early stages, but the two have always found a way to reconcile in the end through the times. That’s why we saw an opportunity and built the world’s first real-identity-based ecosystem for real-world applications in business and government sectors.

Maxonrow aims to be a “trailblazer of an identity-based Blockchain platform”. What does this mean and how can Maxonrow revolutionize the platform?

Most blockchain platforms available right now thrive on anonymity or are built on public blockchain networks. This brings with it many security concerns and regulatory nightmares.

On Maxonrow’s mainchain, every user and company have to go through KYC verification. Every wallet address is linked to a real human being in the world who’s legally responsible for what they do on our network, from transferring assets to tokenizing property.

It’s our mission to create a solution for every problem. We build regulatory-compliant solutions for businesses, intuitive apps for end-users, and powerful tools for developers.

Maxonrow is not only committed to providing a secure and convenient digital identity platform, we have the in-house tech team who built our mainchain and will continue to support and enhance the ecosystem.

Chung has a long history in the banking, payments, and blockchain sectors. His varied and extensive past working for major companies made him the ideal candidate for Maxonrow and its mission to develop one of a kind products and services.

Carlo Chung

Carlo, what led you to Maxonrow and what was your career like before joining the company?

Prior to joining Maxonrow, I had about 20 years of Enterprise Solutions work experience, experts in Banking, Payment, Oil & Gas, Airline, FinTech Industry. I held the Group CTO position for a multinational company, architected an award-winning FinTech platform and implemented many custom enterprise solutions to big corporations such as AirAsia, Firefly, Hainan Airline, Shell, BP, Maxis, ASEAN Banks, VeriSign, etc. KYC/AML, Security and Performance are so important to the Banking & Payment Industry, and when I came across Maxonrow’s vision, with my blockchain and enterprise architecture knowledge and experience, I immediately knew I could play a vital role in contributing and delivering this long-term project. This is how I decided to join this marvelous project.

Can you explain some of the technologies employed by Maxonrow, including KYC and TAI? 

KYC is short for “Know Your Customer.” It just means to verify the identity of your customer before you start doing business with them.

It’s the same process you go through when you go to a bank, filling out your information and providing your ID.

Maxonrow’s KYC is thorough but effortless. You just need your phone and your ID. Our process verifies the authenticity of ID, similarity between the picture on the ID and selfie, and a liveness check that deploys facial recognition models to scan the person in front of the camera. We also work with databases around the globe that monitor global sanctions and watchlists, politically exposed persons, and adverse media.

TAI is short for True Asset Issuing. By fusing our unique KYC identity verification mechanism with the immutable record structure of our blockchain, Maxonrow has conceived a one-of-a-kind technology.

With TAI, all your assets can become digital tokens. A successful TAI applicant can turn their monetary assets or unique estate/property into tokens. Organizations can also turn their diverse business assets into a combination of various tokens.

It’s our solution to a safe and efficient digital economy.

Maxonrow has a community of like-minded users that supports its vision. In October, the company embarked on a world tour to meet with its users and platform supporters. The MaxonWorld Tour stopped off in the Americas, Europe, and Asia to spread the word about Maxonrow and how individuals can benefit from joining its blockchain revolution.

MAX Wallet Team

In October, Maxonrow wrapped up the Maxonrow World Tour. What was the world tour exactly and what was the motivation to promote it?

We have been very privileged to have a community who believed in our mission and have supported us from the beginning. The MaxonWorld tour was a rare opportunity to meet our supporters from all over the world in person for the first time. We went to major cities in the Americas, Europe and Asia. The trip also aligned with our goal to recruit local community leaders, who helped us activate local initiatives to grow our global community. With this touring experience, we are excited to see what 2020 brings. We can’t say much yet, but we are all looking forward to seeing some new and old faces at the Hackathon in Berlin on April 18-19.

Carlo, where is blockchain right now in its development? A lot has been said about what blockchain can do for various industries. How can it truly be implemented to improve businesses in your professional opinion?

After 10 years of blockchain implementation in many live environments, we are now in the era of blockchain 3.0, which is to apply blockchain application to our daily lives, not just to businesses or government entities, but also to the individuals. In the current “real-world”, due to the missing “Trust” element across different business entities, for the past few decades, multi-billion dollars were spent every year for different business entities to trust each other, that doesn’t include time-cost and other overheads. Now with blockchain technologies, the solution is not just going to solve the “Trust” issue (time-saving and cost-saving), it also brings in the other important values, namely “immutable”, “transparent”, “traceable”.

As blockchain and cryptocurrencies continue to grow, more headline news is released every day detailing  scams and issues involving them. According to Chung, the privacy and security breaches that have been seen in blockchain and cryptocurrencies are being experienced by other industries. Chung states the use of Maxonrow’s cutting-edge technology can reduce the risks blockchain users can experience elsewhere. 

This year has been a difficult one for cryptocurrency and blockchain due to several headline-grabbing scams. How can blockchain and cryptocurrency be improved to prevent more security breaches?

Privacy violations and security breaches are serious problems plaguing not only the tech industry but all industries nowadays. Decentralization and cryptography used in blockchain technology can be powerful ammunition against those challenges. But in the blockchain space, the most significant problems are malicious scammers who hide behind fake identities and ICO exit scams. Maxonrow combats these issues by making sure all KYC/AML components are in place to prevent criminals from using our blockchain. Every single user on our blockchain has gone through rigorous vetting and identity verification and is held legally responsible for their activities on the network.

Carlo, what is the future of Maxonrow and what is next for the blockchain brand?

In the very near future, I anticipate Maxonrow will not only be just one of the leading Digital Identity Blockchain as a Service (BaaS), but it also provides a governed eco-system to secure Digital Assets issued using Maxonrow True Asset Issuing (TAI). Furthermore, Maxonrow will also implement integrated custom solutions to government entities, big corporations, and businesses. In my opinion, one of the main areas where blockchain is heading is the “Decentralized Identity” solution. This is one of our dreams: “How can we travel to any country without a Passport!”

What  is a day in your life like?

I usually start my daily working hours at 7 am by reading some of the latest news and articles with a cup of coffee, of course. I also reply to important emails, then I start my daily planned tasks. Around 10 am onwards, I will have marathon meetings with my various teams including the product team, until late evening (sadly). Between meetings, I usually bump into teams and joke around or do some quick stretching exercises. At night, after dinner, I will catch up with some of the latest technologies and articles.

What is something most people don’t know about you?

I play guitar and to-date I have composed more than 15 songs. I was also executive producer and director of two musical dramas 10 years ago for the Catholic Church charity fundraising event.

Can you share two of your favorite quotes with us?

“Leaders are made, they are not born. They are made by hard effort, which is the price which all of us must pay to achieve any goal that is worthwhile.” – Vince Lombardi

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” – Benjamin Franklin

If you had the power to change just one thing in the world what would it be?

I would like to restore dignity for all human beings and our mother nature, so that everyone will be treated equally regardless of race or religion, no hatred, no bias, no poverty, and natural resources can be consumed and enjoyed fairly by everyone.

Chung has developed and led the building and design of one of the most significant companies in the blockchain sphere. As the company states, it is filled with “dreamers, doers, visionaries, and futurists that want to tackle today’s challenges with tomorrow’s technology.” The statement couldn’t be any truer for Chung, who meets the challenges of blockchain head on with his team to build better products and services.

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