Carnrite and Persefoni Expand Partnership to Accelerate Private Sector Carbon Emission Reductions

The Carnrite Group (“Carnrite”) and Persefoni Inc. (“Persefoni”) have announced the development of a Footprint Data Services solution to expand their strategic partnership and support more businesses as they begin their emissions reduction journeys.

While new regulations are mandating climate disclosures across major markets including the US, UK and European Union, many businesses still lack the adequate resources and ability to accurately measure and reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. This partnership will seek to resolve this by delivering to businesses at the start of their emission reduction journeys access to new climate technology solutions so they can meet evolving investor and stakeholder demands. By increasing accessibility, Persefoni and Carnrite hope to accelerate Persefoni’s enterprise customers’, and other businesses’, emission reduction and net zero ambitions.

The Footprint Data Services combines Persefoni’s market-leading SaaS climate management and carbon accounting platform with Carnrite’s dedicated sustainability advisory practice and carbon accounting expertise. Under the Footprint Data Services, Carnrite will fully manage the collection of activity level data from various organizational sources, format and prepare collected activity data, including the preparation of proxy datasets as needed, and upload the activity data into the Persefoni platform. Carnrite will also conduct data quality assurance and gap assessments to identify any outliers of the client’s carbon footprint. At the completion of the Footprint Data Services, Carnrite will provide clients with data governance and process recommendations to streamline on-going emissions reporting.

Going forward, Carnrite and Persefoni will continue to explore opportunities to expand collective service offerings that support and facilitate clients’ carbon management initiatives, including decarbonization roadmap services for Persefoni customers.

Persefoni CEO, Kentaro Kawamori, commented:

“One of the most time-intensive parts of any carbon accounting process is identifying, sourcing, and readying data to be usable for calculations. The Carnrite Group has developed a deep expertise working with financial, operational, supply chain, and investment data that allows them to deliver a service for our joint customers that significantly reduces their time spent going through a carbon accounting process.”

Carnrite Group’s CEO, Al Carnrite, commented: “Combining our sustainability services with Persefoni’s carbon management software enhances our ability to help companies achieve their climate and sustainability goals. We’re excited to build upon our partnership and make it even easier for customers to adopt this market-leading software.”

About Carnrite

Carnrite Group is a management consultancy with offices in Houston, London, and Abu Dhabi. The company deploys its unique combination of consulting expertise and industry experience to assist clients with topics such as corporate strategy, mergers and acquisitions, performance improvement, human capital, and digital transformation. Carnrite Group’s Sustainability and Energy Transition practice helps clients measure, monitor, reduce, and offset their carbon footprint, while investing in new energies and low carbon solutions. Clients view Carnrite Group as a dedicated, practical business partner capable of implementing complex change. Learn more atĀ

About Persefoni

Persefoni Inc. is a leading Climate Management & Accounting Platform (CMAP). The company’s Software-as-a-Service solutions enable enterprises and financial institutions to meet stakeholder and regulatory climate disclosure requirements with the highest degree of trust, transparency, and ease. As the ERP of Carbon, the Persefoni platform provides users a single source of carbon truth across their organization, enabling them to manage their carbon transactions and inventory with the same rigor and confidence as their financial transactions. Learn more atĀ



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