Check out 9 tips on how to promote diversity in companies

In order to make the business innovative and adapted to new market trends, it is necessary to understand how to promote diversity in companies, considering that it offers opportunities to all types of professionals, regardless of cultural, social, ethnicity, gender, age, orientation among others, is already a reality within organizations that seek to stand out in the market.

This is because the inclusion of people with different behavioral profiles generates a series of benefits, such as increased visibility towards competitors, a more productive work environment, authority when it comes to respecting for this topic, and attracting and retaining talent, among others.

With that in mind, we prepared this content with some tips to show how the promotion of diversity can be done effectively in the company. Follow up!

What is the importance of investing in diversity in the company?

Nowadays, the promotion of diversity in the workplace is seen with good eyes in any field of activity. When the brand has the purpose of accepting diverse people to work, it is well seen in the market, in addition to providing opportunities for professionals who do not always have their space.

This will create a motivated, happy and productive team, generating a significant competitive advantage for organizations that are concerned with this topic, given that human work is fundamental to the success of any business.

How do promote diversity in companies?

There is no doubt that ensuring diversity should be a concern of everyone in the company. And, to help in this process, we separate some tips.

  1. Understand the current staff and how it can be improved

First of all, it is necessary to understand the predominant profile of the employees that make up the company’s team. Do people have a similar economic class? What is their level of education? Are there employees with different sexual orientations?

These questions will help to understand the current selection process, simplifying the elaboration of the main measures to be taken.

  1. Work on organizational culture

In addition to evaluating how the diversity of the team is going, it is necessary to create a solid organizational culture that values ​​diversity. Strengthening this thinking is necessary for professionals to understand the relevance of this inclusion and to be more attentive to any kind of prejudice that may still be rooted among them.

  1. Analyze diversity in recruitment processes as well

It is essential that the HR department is prepared to work in a company that promotes diversity. This should range from the application of corporate culture to the methods and criteria used throughout the recruitment and selection process.

The appropriate thing is to think of strategies that focus on this inclusion, making these people have the same working conditions as other employees. Among the practices that can be adapted to create a fairer, more diversified selection process, without the propagation of the image, we can point out:

  • blind selection process;
  • digital recruitment, in which the screening of CVs and the analysis of competencies is done over the internet. The recruiter and the candidate only get to know each other in the later stages of the process.
  1. Invest in internal communication

Another practice that should be included in a company that seeks to include people with different profiles is to establish an open dialogue. It is necessary to share goals and information about diversity with the team, in order for everyone to join the same goal and welcome new team members with open arms.

It is important to propagate ideas with a focus on diversity and to adopt more transparent and inclusive communication, which encourages the exchange of knowledge and experiences on the subject.

  1. Count on the help of collaborators

You can carry out lectures and training to help employees better understand their actions, behaviors or phrases that may sound discriminatory, as the person is often unaware that they are committing an offensive act to someone.

In addition, there are people who have a greater degree of difficulty in relation to inclusion, and awareness is a great tool to help break this paradigm and help them adapt to the new reality.

  1. Create a program to implement diversity in the organization

In this case, the program needs to be focused on the values ​​that the company preaches, in addition to defining the actions that will be employed. This can be done through effective planning, with the help of the HR department, which will be able to provide information on the staff, allowing a better analysis of the current situation.

After this study, establish the objectives of these practices and divide this new program according to the function of each one.

  1. Choose a responsible person to follow the actions

In order for the planning to reach the expected objective, it is important to choose an employee to monitor it closely, in order to verify if the actions are being carried out properly.

Ideally, the person chosen is responsible and committed to the program, as well as has good communication and the ability to build relationships.

  1. Set diversity goals

Diversity goals need to encompass the creation of an appropriate career path that respects the inclusion standards previously defined by the company. For example, if a leadership vacancy has appeared and there is no black person performing a similar role, one idea is to allow only that group to participate in the selection process.

It is important to value the skills and competencies of all people. The good news is that, more and more, people of all types of profiles have conquered their space in technical schools, universities, and other qualifications, which should be used within companies.

  1. Create monitoring metrics

To insert diversity in the company, it is necessary to investigate all the company’s employees. It is also necessary to follow an analysis of all the cycles of permanence of employees in the organization, for example, remuneration, performance evaluation, turnover rates, and promotions carried out, among others.

All this will provide a complex understanding of the areas that need training or hiring of new workers, strengthening the culture of diversity.

Now that you know how to promote diversity in companies, take the opportunity to put the ideas presented into practice and create a culture of respect and encouragement for people with different profiles, increasing the chances of hiring motivated, productive and great talents, in addition, to adapt to the new market reality and achieve incredible results.




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