Christopher Clover. Founder & Managing Director of Panorama Properties SL

By the year 1971, Christopher Clover was teaching French in a private school in Maryland; at that time his father requested him to work at Panorama International Ltd., a real estate agency located in Washington.

After two years of working for the company, Christopher and his first wife moved to Marbella to manage the company branch office in that location. The office had been operating for three years by the moment he arrived to take charge of it. When the principal company decided to close its door in 1975, he took the chance and stayed in the Spanish city since he had already made all the necessary contacts and, besides, the profound love he developed to the location. He measured the opportunities continuing working in the real estate area and considered that all the foundations for a good development of that business were presented in that city.

His father, Bill Clover, was a broker for over 40 year and Burtt B. Clover, his grandfather, started in the real estate area in Chicago in 1904, and was also one of the first developers of golf courses in the United States. Additionally, Bill Clover Jr, his older brother, has been a real estate consultor, financer, and master planner for more than 50 years in 60 different countries of the world, and he continues to be active in the field. So Christopher has a background history in business and real estate involvement.

Christopher Clover is an accredited Real Estate Consultant and a graduate with honors in majors in Economics, Commerce and French from the University of Virginia in the United States, including his third year of university studies being spent at the University of Lyons in France. He is also fluent in English, Spanish and French. Besides, he has been an active member of the Rotary Club in Marbella for the last 15 years and he became an Eminent Fellow of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) in 2015. Also, that same year, he was given a Lifetime Achievement Award from REAS, the most important real estate organization of Marbella.

Katinka, Christopher and Alex

He has accumulated 47 years of experience in the sale and administration of Spanish property and worked as a counselor in real estate for different countries such as England, France, Japan, Morocco and the United States. His children, Katinka and Alex, have also decided to follow their family tradition and are involved in the business together with their father.

Among his hobbies are travelling, swimming, reading and watching suspense films; but most of all, he prefers to meet new people, an activity that has taken a relevant place due to his work in the real estate area for Panorama.

The company was founded in 1970 in Marbella and it is the longest established real estate agency in Marbella. It specializes in the sale and rental of quality villas, apartments and townhouses on Marbellaā€™s Golden Mile and surrounding areas. Besides sales and renting, the agency dedicates time to property administration, sale of commercial and investment assets as well as consulting services for developers and investors.

Due its high reputation and years of service, Panorama is one of the most important and influent real estate businesses in most of Europe and with services extended to the East of the world.




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