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Ciclotte is the design exercise-bike and an exclusive furniture complement, which has been recently awarded by the Province of Milan as “Life Enhancer” and “Fitness product of the year” by FIBO. Completely developed with innovative solutions and realized by using high-tech materials like carbon, glass fibres and steel Ciclotte is a product entirely made in Italy, created by the designer Luca Schieppati, whose inspiring project (Ciclò) is now part of the permanent collection of the Triennial Design Museum of Milan (together with Ferrari’s car, Riva Yachts and Castiglioni lamps, just to make a few examples). Ciclotte is the sole design exercise bike existing in the market and it also unique under a technological point of view, since it is the first exercise bike to use an electro-magnetic resistance system with epicycloids transmission.

The Company

Design is the heart of things, the language, the sign, the code, and the secret that gives shape and identity to both very old objects, perfect and elementary, as well as to others that are technological and complex such as our electronic devices or cars. True design is always singular, unique, and specific; but it is also plural, connective, abundantly resonant, and always MULTIDESIGN. MULTIDESIGN, the company founded for producing and distributing the Ciclotte brand, offers an entire range of services linked to managing product design projects, ensuring close collaboration between its 3 macro-processes and the connections amongst its various phases: CREATIVITY. PRODUCTION. DISSEMINATION

The Designer, Luca Schieppati

Italian / born in 1979: after high school, he earned a Degree in Industrial Design from the Polytechnic of Milan. He is a professor at the European Design Institute (IED Moda Lab) where he teaches courses in graphic art and computer graphics.

In 2007, he served as spokesman of the “Muoviti” competition of ideas together with Roberto Giolitto (Fiat 500) and Marco Lambro (Piaggio Mp3).  In December 2007, he was included in the Triennial Design Museum at the Milan Triennial, with Ciclò project. His projects have been included in large national and international exhibitions (“The New Italian Design” – Milan/Madrid; “Milan Made in Design” – Peking/Shanghai; “Festival of Creativity” – Florence; DAS Designer after School – Rome).


Un’azienda giovane, contemporanea, creata per sviluppare il mondo Ciclotte e valorizzare il design nella sua dimensione più innovativa, creativa e tecnologica. MULTI-DESIGN offre l’intera gamma di servizi legati alla gestione di un progetto di product design, garantendo l’integrazione tra i 3 macro-processi e le connessioni tra le diverse fasi: CREATIVITÀ. PRODUZIONE. DIFFUSIONE

Il Designer, Luca Schieppati

Italiano, classe 1979, si laurea in Disegno Industriale al Politecnico di Milano. Insegna grafica e computer grafica allo IED Moda Lab (Istituto Europeo di Design).

Nel 2007 è testimonial del concorso di idee “Muoviti” assieme a Roberto Giolitto (Fiat 500) e Marco Lambro (Piaggio MP3) e, in dicembre, entra a far parte del Triennale Design Museo della Triennale di Milano con Ciclò. I suoi progetti partecipano a mostre di rilevanza internazionale: “The New Italian Design” (Milano/Madrid), “Milano Made in Design” (Pechino/Shanghai), “Festival della Creatività” (Firenze), “DAS Designer After School” (Roma).

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