Cleopatra Fitzgerald on child, baby safety

Do you remember the most precious childhood moments?

Then, see your children, grandkids, etc or neighborhood kids that will eventually become the future of the community. It would be ideal if children were granted the deserved respect. Alas, statistics show crimes committed against babies and children vulnerable to evil perpetrators with a dark soul.

Perpetrators are mostly not easily identifiable: male, female, children themselves, family, relatives, friends of the family, from any race, religion, profession, class, etc. Abusers hide malicious intentions through methods such as entering child oriented jobs -for instance -nannies, teachers, coaches, doctors, psychologists, religious imposters, et al. These bad persons give a misrepresentation of their profession. They can befriend the child, their siblings, or family and silence them through gifts, threats, blaming guilt, their authoritarian status. Children should not be lead to sexual violence and crime when they should be enjoying their childhood with educational toys, games, books and learning.

To leave unsupervised children/babies is dangerous: in vehicles, waiting alone or with other kids the school bus, prone to traffic accidents, toy-blanket suffocation, even kids left with other kids have committed rape, murder, assault, stealing.

Pedophiles, criminals, demented, incestuous could have been abused as children themselves and traumatically repeat the vicious cycle of victimization.

To prevent child abuse these could help: kids family values, religion or spirituality, open detailed communication, awareness, defense tactics, kids to have cellphones, Alarm personal keychains, wrist phone number, tracking gadgets, scream if in risk, distributing brochures on prevention, stricter laws and penalties on abuse, police patrolling, stop drug, alcohol during pregnancy, no domestic violence, keep zones/playgrounds, schools safe (surveillance, alarms, patrols), comparing kids to their siblings can cause sibling rivalry -each has their own abilities and awakening enmity is wrong.

Internationally, child abuse is costing trillions for the economy.

How are children being abused? Child and baby trafficking, being sold, child labor, child neglect, child marriage, child pregnancy, child soldiers, assaulted, raped, orphans, abandonment, discrimination, homeless, poverty denied food/shelter, imprisoned, hate crimes, cyberbullied, cybercriminals, mortality and murder rates, peer pressured (especially younger teens, disabled kids), joining the wrong groups, cartoons, movies, books, songs, that have sublime messages can led kids to violence, indecency, drugs, negativity, misdiagnostic (fake mental or disability diagnostic) of children when evil psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, counselors do so for greed, ignorance, biased due to culture, religion, class, status. Kids physical, emotional, spiritual, mental abuse, denies them the opportunity to become righteous persons in the community and hence observe lesser crimes and more unity. Babies are similarly abused and all the more victimized.

What are possible signs of abuse?

If a child is constantly afraid, nervous, sad, angry, does not want to communicate with their parents or others, has physical signs of abuse and covers it up, looks tired, dispirited, has changes in their pattern of eating, weight, moods. Please, note that these are not all expansive and not all display signs of abuse. However, you can do a thorough search on apparent signs of abuse and infer if it is veridic.

Organizations, associations, law enforcement, attorneys, detectives can assist in detecting the perpetrators and preventing further incidents and statistics.

Another issue is when persons place the blame on a child (scapegoating) to attempt to distract from their own deficiencies and insecurities. Child stereotypes on movies, cartoons, books, schools, etc should not be supported instead there should be a clean portrayal of children and demonstrate that stereotypes are negative depictions that harms society. Children ultimately grow old and yet again we see similarities of comparison between the elderly and toddlers.

The obvious similitude of how becoming elderly could revert them to childlike tendencies, abilities and so forth -nonetheless, each human experience is diverse and the world needs courageous persons dedicated to their specialty in human rights.

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