Cleopatra Fitzgerald

Ms. Cleopatra Fitzgerald

Cleopatra Fitzgerald was born on February 16th, 1984 in Manhattan, New York City, where she has lived all of her life. She attended Hunter College and graduated with honors from The City College of New York from Political Science. Fitzgerald graduated from the Institute of Metaphysical Humanistic Science. She also graduated with honors with a Master of Metaphysical Humanistic Science, Specializing in Ufology. Moreover, she obtained a CPI making her a Certified Paranormal Investigator and Ufologist. Cleopatra has a PHd with Summa Cum Laude in Metaphysical Humanistic Science specializing in Ufology.

Madam Fitzgerald aims to find resolutions swiftly to resolve the various issues New Yorkers and the world face nowadays. Ms. Fitzgerald is a world known public figure, philanthropist, celebrity, experienced researcher, politician, writer, activist of causes, influencer, interfaith minister, volunteer aiming to save kids from harm, participant of the performing arts and many more.

If Fitzgerald runs for political office again, she is doing so for the awareness campaign causes of global issues that matter to the populace.

Lady Cleopatra has met with many of the city’s politicians, including Manhattan Borough president, U.S. representative, and Senate candidate. She’s been featured on Twiplomacy’s Twitter accounts most followed by world leaders and was invited to attend: George W. Bush – Official President’s Dinner Invitation, an honorary invite to take a photo with Barack Obama, World Leaders Forum/gathering at the Hilton Hotel, President Trump’s inaugural celebration, opening of the campaign office for an Independence Party presidential candidate to name a few.

Ms. Fitzgerald was awarded the Martin Luther King’s award and among these others for her leadership and fight against discrimination of all types. She at first was a longtime Democrat, several years Independent a Republican, and she returned back to the Democratic Party on early 2021.Throughout the years, she’s been an active voice who has worked towards fixing broken systems. Her research is based on protecting people’s rights and her reputation is a respected one.

Cleopatra wants to rescue preoccupied minds from doubts with compassion. Her passions are varied and dynamic. Fitzgerald has participated in art drawing, featured in museums, and worked on sculptures. At the age of 12, she drew and sculpted nude life models from both genders at the academy.

Madam Fitzgerald took ballet classes and her written poem was featured by the New York City Ballet. Fitzgerald took many theatre classes and spent time acting and play- writing while in college. She has performed in front of large audiences. Fitzgerald at- tended a music college and was invited to perform with her violin various times at Lincoln Center.

Members of Fitzgerald’s family are experienced in the performing arts. Her father is friends with a film director who is familiar with well-known actors. What she liked most about the performing arts is her instant ability to transcend audience souls and make them think deeper, to see the context through culture, tradition, religion, historical epochs, colors, events, and the five senses. She declares it is a glimpse into the past, present, future and their lessons.

Performing is a combination of emotions, skills, categories, and they connect the audience through an array of techniques. Fitzgerald became interested in performing arts while she was very young. Her fondness for cultures paved the way to a dedication to them. Fitzgerald enjoys being around people, in constant contact with people from around the world.

Political culture is geared in sociology, anthropology, and psychology, and performing arts have presented the cultural traditional performances from their country, region. Furthermore, as an Interfaith Minister, who can officiate weddings, funerals, and baptisms from all religions, she comprehends the various ideas and beliefs of each. According to Madam Fitzgerald: “It is your choice to reach out under any situation and I will be there for you without indifference to any person’s ethnic, racial, religious, lifestyle, or society level. I will not discriminate against your situations! Somehow I will be with you to aid, to dissipate amid your fears, anger, and pain, so we can find a way to mitigate your regression, retention, suppression and any kind of dehumanization. I will be the strength of your voice to restore the broken system issues as you please. I would not let you down! Please come into life with enthusiasm. For, one way or the other we shall mend the broken pieces all together and be on track again. When you are lost, be found, we will make it somehow. We will try to manage your top priorities for the help ahead you demand. I understand since your preoccupations are as deep as my own. Do not let malicious opponents corrupt your mind for I am for you, here for you my political urban, rural, all races, way of thinking puts attention to your necessities. I don’t care who you are but I do care to help!.”

Cleopatra Fitzgerald has obtained numerous honors for her altruistic humane and benevolent deeds. She stated “I am not doing this for myself. I am doing it for the honor of the people. Respect and you will be respected.”




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