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Clubhouse marketing strategies, clubhouse business conversations, and Clubhouse audio rooms became popular on the internet during the last 2 years. During the pandemic, the necessity for social media has risen more than ever. As there are major social media platforms available with millions of users, it was almost impossible to make a new social media platform and make it popular. But, Clubhouse proved it is wrong and reached millions of users within a year.

The former Google employees Paul Davison and Ronan Seth came up with the idea of a brilliant audio-only, invite-only social media platform called Clubhouse. It offered live non-recorded conversations of influencers, iconic personalities, celebrities, leaders, and famous influencers for the users but was limited to invitation only. Imagine being in the same meeting room with the favorite person or the inspiration of your life. Clubhouse made it a reality as it provides the opportunity for the members to actively participate in the conversations.

History of Clubhouse

In July 2020 Clubhouse released its private beta version for iPhone users. As it began to grow, it considered the moderation of communities to avoid misusing and avoid unnecessary incidents. In January 2021 it was finally opened to the public and reached 10 million users. It started the Creator First program to encourage the promotion and prioritizing of fresh ideas. Then Clubhouse introduced the monetization feature to gain financial support for the creators. In May 2021, it became available for Android users. Currently, Clubhouse is continuously growing internationally.

Clubhouse marketing

Clubhouse marketing strategies are available for those who seek business growth using social media. Some people get to know about products and services by listening to their influencers and not by looking at an advertisement. Therefore, a social audio platform like Clubhouse is an ideal way of reaching such customers. There are unique aspects that only Clubhouse can provide and are not on available on other social media.

Audio rooms

As a company, the owner can start a room and manage it. The host gets to invite the guests, and moderate and mute/unmute the participants. It is important to highlight the key aspects of the conversation and continue it towards the ultimate goal. Guests also get to continue listening or exit the room as they prefer. The freedom is provided to choose what the users want and what they unlike. This is a great opportunity for business starters to gather customers around their products and services and let the customers express their genuine ideas on what to improve.

Events and participation

Since Clubhouse has become popular in the business world, there are audio rooms for any category. Companies can meet their rivals and bigger companies in the same category. Representing a company in an audio room helps publicity of a company. It simply helps the users get to know about new businesses and companies to promote their brand. Participating in such events helps to get new ideas from others and use them in the business plan.

Instead of using visual media to promote a brand, a company can use this remarkable audio app to build a business. Even the giants in the social media world like Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk have spoken in the audio rooms on Clubhouse. This is an indicator to get an idea about how much Clubhouse has become popular on social media. Bigger brands like Loop, Coinbase, and Hubspot have taken their brand promotion on to Clubhouse.



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