Combating Obesity: Ro Body Program Offers a Comprehensive Solution

Ro, a leading healthcare company, has launched the Ro Body Program, a weight loss program aimed at helping people living with obesity reach their weight loss goals. The program includes GLP-1 medications, lab testing, personalized provider care, and 1:1 coaching from nurses. Here’s more information about this program and what it contains. Take a look!

Treating Obesity with a Personalized Approach

The Ro Body Program begins with an online visit where patients provide their health history and weight loss goals. Then, they receive an at-home metabolic test that they send back to Ro’s lab for processing. Following the processing of the lab results, patients meet with their provider through a video visit to review the results and determine a personalized treatment plan. The program also includes ongoing coaching from nurses and regular check-ins with the provider to monitor progress and make adjustments.

The Power and Impact of GLP-1 Medications

GLP-1 medications have been proven to be effective in promoting weight loss. They help regulate metabolism by sending signals to the brain and body, which makes patients feel full and satisfied for longer periods. Based on clinical trials, patients using GLP-1 medications and making lifestyle changes can expect to lose 10-18% of their body weight.

Achieving a Healthy Weight for a Better Life

The Ro Body Program not only offers access to GLP-1 medications but also provides patients with regular consultations with their provider and ongoing coaching to maintain their progress. This comprehensive approach, according to Ro’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Melynda Barnes, can help patients achieve a healthy weight, which is key to a long and healthy life. By reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease and some cancers, lowering A1c and blood pressure, and improving mental health, energy levels, and sex drive, a healthy weight can greatly improve a person’s quality of life.

Building on Success

Ro’s weight loss program is built on the success of its existing offering. To date, Ro has helped over 160,000 patients progress towards their weight loss goals through its partnership with Gelesis, the manufacturer of Plenity. This partnership was the first time an FDA-cleared weight management aid was made available through telehealth, providing immediate access to patients regardless of insurance status, zip code, or provider availability in their area.

Improving Healthcare for All

Ro is committed to delivering convenient and effective care to patients. As a direct-to-patient healthcare company, Ro provides telehealth and in-home care, diagnostics, labs, and pharmacy services nationwide. With its vertically integrated platform, Ro helps patients achieve their health goals through a convenient end-to-end healthcare experience. Since 2017, Ro has helped millions of patients in nearly every county in the United States, including 98% of primary care deserts.

In conclusion, the Ro Body Program offers a comprehensive solution to combating obesity, with GLP-1 medications, lab testing, personalized provider care, and 1:1 coaching. With its commitment to improving healthcare for all, Ro is making weight loss accessible and achievable for millions of Americans.

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