Daniel Tautges. Senior Vice-President at Component Control

Daniel Tautges

The past several years were witness to vast changes and the aviation industry is no exception. A symphony of logistics, technology, and a myriad of systems both hidden and visible that enable efficient, safe, and reliable air transportation every single day for both passengers and cargo. Being part of such a dynamic, innovative industry since 2018, Daniel Tautges is witness to the vast sea changes in aviation that are enabled by improved technology such as electronic data management and the productivity maximizing powers it provides.

Former President of Pinpoint Worldwide prior to joining Component Control, Tautges’ background in fields as varied as engineering and marketing helped him bring his signature holistic approach to operations to help identify areas of growth, current pain points, and opportunities for innovation. Leveraging a leading position into further growth is often as challenging as arriving on top to start, but Daniel Tautges outlines how strategy, discipline, and execution can make all the difference between leading firms and the competition.

Discussing the recent release of Component Control’s Quantum 12.5, Tautges reminds us of the necessity of differentiation in business when it comes to the fundamentals and how harnessing strengths and minimizing weaknesses in these areas can deliver key advantages over competing firms. We also briefly discuss the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on Component Control’s business as well as what Tautges expects as far as future growth is concerned in the aviation industry. This leads to an exciting discussion about the future progression of Component Control’s own platform and how the company intends on staying ahead of the competition to maintain its dominant position within the industry. Naturally, no discussion would be complete without a look into the personal life and motivations behind Daniel Tautges and how this shapes his approach to business and management.  

Daniel, can you start off by telling us about Component Control?

Component Control is a Software Development Company based in San Diego, CA.  We are the creators of the ERP for the Aviation aftermarket, Quantum Control.  With 1700+ customers in 66 countries, we lead the market with compelling applications that increase productivity, increase capacity, and reduce corporate risk.

Component Control is a wholly owned subsidiary of CAMP Systems, a Hearst Corporation, and leading developer of Application Specific MRO, Manufacturing, and Logistics Software for the aviation industry. The combined organization has over 60 years of aviation industry experience, world-wide operations, and over $11B in annual revenue.

Why are modern technologies necessary for the aerospace industry?

Modern Technologies that deliver ROI based results are ideal in creating differentiation and maximizing current workforce while reducing risk.  Technologies which decrease the use of paper and eliminate data entry are imperative in running lean while meeting regulatory and compliance requirements for the aerospace industry.

The company’s software fully supports MRO. Can you explain what exactly MRO is?

MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Operations) is the complete process involved in supporting modifications to aircraft and aircraft components.  Not just the work but also the complete operations of the business from Quoting, to billing to documentation of the work, supervisor sign-off and the creation of complete trace and compliance recording.

You joined Component Control in 2018. What led you to the company and how was the transition from your previous position at Pinpoint Worldwide?

In my previous role as President of Pinpoint Worldwide, we focused on factors that were limiting corporate growth.  We took a holistic approach in market factors across Markets, Sales, Marketing, BD, Finance, Technology, and Engineering.  Component Control, as a mature product, was at an inflection point, looking to reset and build a growth plan both for near-term market opportunities as well as position the company for continued long-term success.

In April, Component Control announced the release of Quantum version 12.5. Can you tell me about the product on offer from the company?

12.5 is an exciting release for Component Control and it continues to build on our ecosystem strategy where our software and services provide tools to optimize the supply chain and listing networks.   The aviation aftermarket is made up of thousands of parts, capabilities and equipment suppliers that respond to Requests for Quotation (RFQ) from MRO’s and OEM’s that require new and used serviceable material to operate.  The requests a supplier might receive per day can easily be in the 100’s.  Quickly identifying which RFQ’s to respond to and providing a complete response can be the difference between winning or losing profitable business.  In version 12.5, the Quantum-ERP includes a free RFQ Manager Module that consolidates quotes from our owned part listing marketplace (ILS Mart and Stock Market) as well as RFQ’s from email.  This capability cuts through the RFQ storms, allows our customers to quote the right business, and win more deals.

How has Component Control dealt with the COVID-19 pandemic?

Component Control and our ownership, Hearst, has dealt with the Covid-Pandemic with a sense of civic responsibility and commitment to our employees and customers.  During the pandemic, Hearst donated millions of dollars to hospitals in NYC and maintained employment of their 20,000+ employees.  Hearst and Component Control did not institute any layoffs and Component Control continued to hire.

Has the industry been hit hard by the pandemic and what was the company’s strategy to deal with it?

The aviation industry was devastated by the pandemic.  For our customers, we understood the hardship that the aviation downturn impacted their, in many cases, livelihood.  We instituted open ended software trials, unlimited access to user licenses, and differed or greatly reduced payments to help our customers through a very challenging financial period.

Is the aviation tech industry set to grow in the coming years? With the potential of personal aviation travel, how will Component Control work within this area, or will it?

Yes. Business Jet is also continuing to grow. Our parent company, CAMP Systems monitors engine health and the number of Engine hours that they are reporting is showing consistent growth.

For commercial domestic growth, I follow the TSA commercial checkpoint numbers and all indicators are that the rate of travel is nearly pre-pandemic levels.

Component Control continues to build software and services that optimize the work force.  As demand continues to rebound and grow, our software provides the tools necessary to support the growth including people, parts and processes.

How will Component Control expand its platform in the coming years?

We are looking at areas for expansion both organically and inorganically.  We have several internal initiatives to update and advance the ERP in multiplatform accessibility including Cloud, Web, and Mobile.  We will continue to look at vertical integration to continue to maintain our leadership position and provide value to our customers.

What can customers expect from Component Control in the future?

Our customers can expect us to continue to invest in our products and services.  In a typical year, I meet with hundreds of customers, and I continue to be impressed with how they have completely integrated our ERP into their business and how it allows them to manage the complete scope and growth of their organization.

Daniel, how is a day in your life?

Really not something I spend time thinking about, however, I would reflect on how lucky I am in that I get to wake-up and do a job I genuinely enjoy.  I work with people that I respect, and that share a common drive to accomplish their personal and the companies’ objectives.

What is something most people don’t know about you?

I love to cook and create French and Italian gourmet dinners.

What makes you smile?

So many things in my life make me smile.  Laughing every day is a requirement in life.

What scares you?

Failure, which is why I try and avoid it as much as possible

If you had the power to change just one thing in the world, what would it be?

Power of God question?  Personally, wish I could sing.  I even hum poorly.

God question, just read about another school shooting.  We need a reset with our children and society.

To learn more about Daniel Tautges and Component Control, please visit https://www.componentcontrol.com




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