De Beers Presents Their Latest RVL Collection

De Beers RVL Collection

This season, the Jewelry House introduces De Beers RVL. The new collection is daring and cutting-edge in appearance, and it encourages its users to express their own identities by arranging and layering the parts in any way they see fit. 3 components of black titanium mixed 18k rose gold are paired with 4 pieces of white gold plus diamonds for a striking contrast.


The look of the series was inspired by the De Beers’ logo, which can be seen in the engraved patterns of the letters ‘D’ and ‘B’ in the metals, creating lines that seem like a code or, from either the side, a gearbox. Just as the De Beers initials are concealed inside the design, so too is each individual’s own personality. De Beers RVL is an instigator because it encourages the user to show the world their remarkable selves via a wide range of cutting-edge materials, original designs, and irreverent aesthetic choices.

The new collection

A necklace in the form of an uneven octagon is set with layers of pavé-set diamonds; a necklace in the form of a white gold barrel is encircled with diamond arcs and strung onto a black braided rope for a sophisticated, worldly look. The quartet is finished off with a trinket ring and a wristband. Formally simple and sturdy, they convey an underlying message of simplicity and assurance.

Comparison with white gold set

In comparison to the white gold, this set is rounded off with a necklace, bracelet, plus ring made from black titanium as well as rose gold. The concept’s outlines are made by folds in the metal that were etched with rose gold, creating a striking contrast in texture and color between the brushed titanium background and the precious metal. They have a diamond that only the wearer knows about, hidden next to the secret inscriptions. The pieces from each series may be combined to create new looks.

C√©line Assimon, Chief executive¬†officer of De Beers Jewellers, explains that the label’s “beauty” lies in the fact that “there is no recommendation regarding who should use these items or how they must be dressed; it is totally up to the wearer.” “The patterns not only contain a hidden message but are also reminiscent of the striations seen in rocks, which tell the history of the planet from whence our diamonds originated. De Beers RVL is a symbol of our tradition as innovators in diamond excellence and of our dedication to creating jewelry that helps our customers express themselves.”

Information about De Beers Jewelers

De Beers Jewellers, established in London in 1932, is the gold standard in fine diamond products, having a premier storefront on Old Bond Street as well as a foothold in the globe’s most prestigious shopping districts. House uses De Beers’ 13¬†decades of knowledge to create one-of-a-kind masterpieces that showcase the world’s finest diamonds.

Every diamond discovered by De Beers is important to the company, and the company wants to make sure that discovery to have a beneficial effect on the local community and the world at large. This comes with a commitment to improve the future by making it more equitable, secure, clean, and healthy; a future in which people may live in harmony with one another and the environment, where norms of integrity are upheld, and where natural resources are safeguarded. This perpetual dedication is known as Building Forever.

De Beers Jewelers has 32 retail locations worldwide and offers international shipping to 15 countries.



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