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There is a famous quote that perfectly articulates the unique pleasure that can be found on a boat. The quote reads “A sailor’s joys are as simple as a child’s” and was written by a man who dedicated his life to sailing, Mr. Bernard Moitessier. These words describe a feeling of absolute joy, without prejudice or inhibition. A feeling of freedom and self-realization. Sailors have spoken for centuries of their love affair with the ocean, and it is something that only a few get to experience in their lifetime, partly due to time constraints but mostly due to the knowledge that owning a boat in the 21st century is reserved only for the incredibly wealthy.

Meros Yachtsharing challenges this understanding and sets new rules for sailors around the world. The Luxury Lifestyle Awards winner for Best Luxury Experience in Spain provides a revolutionary approach to sailing and yachting, by providing an asset ownership solution that releases their customers of the responsibility of sole ownership while retaining the beauty of personalization and exclusivity. The idea is to remove the element of fear that comes with boat ownership and replace it with a sense of freedom in knowing that the finer details are taken care of, and the responsibility has been lifted off the consumer. The dream at Meros Yachtsharing was to make the dream of yacht ownership a reality and to realize this dream, the team sought out a partner to create a holistic service for their clients, with a revolutionary lifestyle co-ownership offering at its helm. The idea is simple, rather than dedicating the next 10 years of your life to the management and upkeep of a luxury yacht, share the experience with likeminded individuals. Meros Yachtsharing, with the support of The Sunseeker London Group, have developed a bespoke luxury asset sharing structure that opens up a new door for Sunseeker enthusiasts, creating an avenue for yacht owners who were perhaps hesitant to take on boat ownership in the past.

Once aboard, the reality of yacht ownership would usually find you navigating the time-consuming maintenance schedules and legalities. Instead aboard the Meros yacht the dream is a reality, Meros Yachtsharing covers every element, so co-owners enjoy the possibility of using a yacht for several weeks a year, depending on their personal needs, and they are supported by a well experienced land team that tracks all maintenance and management. Onboard a highly trained crew supports the experience. Gastronomical delights and 5-star hospitality are a staple aboard a Meros yacht, and co-owners of these majestic vessels are welcomed aboard their ocean homes all year round.

Off peak season months are covered by the crew as well, as yacht ownership is not just for the summer.

An elite crew requires an elite yacht, and Meros Yachtsharing has partnered with the best in the business to make this a reality. Sunseeker is the world’s leading brand for luxury performance motor yachts, and the exclusive Merosier to Meros Yachtsharing. Established in 1969 and an industry leader ever since, this World-famous brand will tailor-make a vessel to a customer’s specifications and ensures that its fleet of Luxury yachts is always at the pinnacle of modern maritime craftsmanship. Technology is fused with a timeless design to create a yacht that is both elegant and capable on the water.

The Merosy package that Meros offers is not limited to their state-of-the-art Meros yachts, Meros Members are treated like true VIP’s both on land and sea.

A private concierge service transports Meros Yachtsharing members across shores to welcome them to exciting exclusive annual events. New Model Launches, Boat Shows, VIP Events like White Turf and Cheltenham, along with the invitation to be part of the Sunseeker family through their annual Owner Cruises. These are just a few of the highlights in store for customers of this extraordinary brand. The Meros Yachtsharing family treats their customers as their own, with a passion for service and a love for the ocean, they provide their customers a real joy, a pure joy, as simple as a child’s.

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