Dossier’s Bestseller Fragrances

There’s nothing more exciting than discovering your signature scent. There is an ever-growing release of incredible fragrances, including the floral, fresh, spicy, and woody accords that are just waiting to be admired. However, finding the best fragrances like the baccarat rouge 540 dupe at affordable prices isn’t easy. But that’s where Dossier steps in.

Being one of the best perfume brands in the world, Dossier sells perfumes similar to the most famous perfumes but at an affordable price. The brand offers you a mix of daring fragrances for all occasions. Whether you are looking for a new favorite weekend warrior or a Sunday brunch scent, Dossier has it all. Here are some of the bestseller fragrances from Dossier.

1. Ambery Saffron

Inspired by MFK’s Baccarat Rouge 540, the Ambery Saffron is one of the most creative perfume compositions. Although most people avoid this fragrance because of its intensity, Dossier found a way to balance the warm saffron temper using sultry amber and sizzling cedar wood.

With a deep and one-of-a-kind intoxicating spice, the baccarat rouge 540 dupe is full of mystery. This fragrance delivers warmth and gives you that unique texture that you are looking for.

2. Floral Marshmallow

Rediscover yourself with the Floral Marshmallow inspired by Kilian’s Love, Don’t Be Shy Eau de Parfum. This perfume delivers a compelling combination of vibrant florals and edible notes. Its unique fragrance comes from an artistic blend of marshmallow and orange blossom and fresh notes of neroli and honeysuckle. Complementing the sweet marshmallow notes are the base scents of vanilla, amber, and musk.

So, if you are looking for something exhilarating and unforgettable, the Floral Marshmallow is the way to go. Just like the Aquatic Lime (our impression of Armani’s Acqua Di Gio), the Floral Marshmallow is a fragrance that will mesmerize you right from the start.

3. Woody Sandalwood

Drawing inspiration from Le Labo Fragrances’ Santal 33, the Woody Sandalwood is a fragrance that perfectly highlights the highest quality of sandalwood while offering a magnificent continuity to floral bouquets. The scent reminds you of the comfort of a warm hug, thereby inducing a deep feeling of inner sensuality like no other.

The sweet, woody fragrance gives it a rugged but not overly masculine appeal, making it more androgynous. Regardless, the Woody Sandalwood offers a universal sensual feeling that indulges both women and men.

4. Gourmand White Flowers

Gourmand White Flowers is a unique fragrance that defines the essence of love, passion, and purity. Inspired by Viktor&Rolf’s Flower bomb, this perfume features a sparkle of vanilla, caramel, berries, and green tea notes blended with rose, orchid, and jasmine florals. The eloquent blend gives it a dreamy, woody orris scent that intertwines with the floral heart.

Boasting a warm and feminine fragrance, Gourmand White Flowers provides a sweet and sexy aura that gives that signature fragrance. It is a heavenly scent that features fragrant petals and blossoming blooms.

5. Floral Violet

If you are looking for a romantic and feminine fragrant, then the Floral Violet is the way to go. Inspired by Marc Jacob’s Daisy, the Floral Violet brings forth a mellow sweetness and light dewiness that is natural yet sophisticated. It offers a classic and balanced fragrance through natural notes yet still evokes a world of youthful femininity full of wistful daydreaming and playful innocence.

At Dossier, we offer these and more fragrances to meet your needs. So, contact us if you want to discover a new signature fragrance that offers the quality of the most famous perfumes at an affordable price.





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