Driving Performance on two wheels

The new ROTWILD racing bike R.S2 Limited-Edition “Beast of the Green Hellā€œ

For fans of driving dynamics at the highest level, the “Beast of the Green Hell” is now also available as a racing bike. The new ROTWILD R.S2 Limited-Edition “Beast of the Green Hell” combines the best of the racing world on four and on two wheels: driving dynamics, lightweight construction, design, and comfort. The special model is limited to 50Ā bikes on the occasion of this year’s AMG company anniversary and offers high-performance materials as well as unique features and a clear design idiom.

The hand-built racing bike is an homage to the Mercedes-AMG GTĀ R (combined fuel consumption: 11.4Ā l/100Ā km, combined CO2 emissions: 259Ā g/km) and is available for order exclusively from the ROTWILD sales department for the suggested price of 7109Ā euros The price is a reminiscence of the lap time set by the Mercedesā€‘AMG GTĀ R on the legendary Nordschleife circuit of the NĆ¼rburgring. The street-legal sports car completed the 22.8Ā kilometres of the ‘Green Hell’ in a time of 7.10.9Ā minutes.

Hi-tech on two wheels

The new ROTWILD racing bike R.S2 Limited-Edition “Beast of the Green Hell” impresses in every aspect with state-of-the-art technology. The hand-built frame features “Carbon Module Monocoque Technology” (MMT2) and “High Modulus” and “High Tenacity” fibresto provide outstanding rigidity and a significant reduction in weight. The result is a light frame with optimal rigidity and ideal damping properties. Specially shaped seat stays significantly improve the damping comfort especially on long rides. The 29ā€‘inch Crankbrothers CobaltĀ 11 carbon wheels enable strong acceleration and improved braking deceleration.

The unique design of the wheels keeps the rotating masses as low as possible and shifts the weight closer to the wheel centre. The twin-pair spoke design ensures the lateral rigidity of the wheels. All other components of the racing bike such as the SHIMANO disk brakes or the SHIMANO drivetrain and shifting technology also meet the highest standards of bicycle racing. The bike offers its rider direct steering with a sporty seating position, good propulsion and high directional stability even during fast descents. The ROTWILD R.S2 Limited-Edition “Beast of the Green Hell”is the perfect piece of sports equipment for bicycle enthusiasts who are looking for something extraordinary and love challenges.

The homage to the Mercedes-AMG GTĀ R is already the third bicycle model jointly presented by Mercedes-AMG and ROTWILD. The full-suspension R.X45 AMG carbon-fibre mountain bike entered the market in 2013. In 2015, the ROTWILD GTĀ S inspired by AMG followed, a mountain bike for the toughest off-road tracks.




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