Edoardo Caovilla. Creative Director & C.O.O. at Rene Caovilla

In 2009, Edoardo Caovilla joined his family’s business. As the creative director and COO, Edoardo is now carrying on the family’s legacy of making luxury items. Edoardo is now heading the company his grandfather and father built, Rene Caovilla. The luxury shoemaker designs and creates some of the most spectacular footwear items available.

The brand started back in 1923, and it was created by Edoardo’s grandfather, Edoardo Sr. The original shoemaker in the family opened his first shop in Venice, Italy. The company was taken over by Rene years later and is now in the hands of its third generation Caovilla.

Edoardo took over the position of creative director and COO of Rene Caovilla after a stint in international finance and private equity. Since taking the lead role of the family business, Edoardo has been tasked with updating the brand’s signature items with a twist. Edoardo believes in constant evolution as a brand. Although Rene Caovilla has sold the same shoe design for 40 years, it has still made its footwear better with every new product created. The Bologna University graduate has been in the position since 2009 and has taken Rene Caovilla to new heights since being tasked with his current role.

Edoardo has become well-known for his fresh ideas. Those fresh ideas have not hurt the company’s traditions or vision. Craftmanship continues to be key to Rene Caovilla. The company refers to its footwear as art. The craftmanship and work put into the shoes and other items sold by the Rene Caovilla brand is second to none. The designs the company uses are personal and the objective is always the same: build the highest quality and most luxurious items possible. Edoardo’s vision hasn’t just updated and given Rene Caovilla a twist, but he has integrated a new line of items never before produced by the luxury icon. Running shoes and combat boots are two of the new products the company has created with Edoardo in charge; and these new items have given the brand a new lifeline in a changing footwear landscape.

The company has not only evolved its products under Edoardo’s watch, but the third-generation shoemaker has put new plans on the horizon. Rene Caovilla has new retail shops planned in Asia and it has included bag to its luxury lineup of products. Edoardo is also overseeing Rene Caovilla’s move into being a listed company. It is part of his five-year plan as he takes the brand into a new healthier future.

Currently, Rene Caovilla is no longer working with other brands. It was a decision taken by both Edoardo and his father. It was decision born out of credibility and knowing that the company’s shoes could stand on their own without another brand. Today, Rene Caovilla is stronger than ever, and it can thank its third-generation creative director and COO for its healthy state. Under Edoardo’s leadership, the brand continues to evolve and grow, but carry on the traditions his grandfather founded.




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