Ferrari J50 Goes on World Premiere to Everyone’s Delight

To commemorate their 50th anniversary in Japan, Ferrari has finally unveiled their hottest albeit strictly limited series of J50, joining their line of bespoke cars.

The Ferrari J50 is a stunning mid-rear-engined and two-seater roadster which marks the come back to targa body style that seems to serve as a reminder of some of the well loved and popular Ferrari road cars during the 70s and 80s. With a design made by Maranello-based Ferrari Styling Centre team, a mere 10 examples of J50 are going to be made and following the acclaimed fuori serie tradition of Ferrari, each one is going to be tailored accordingly to the requirements of the customer.

Taking inspiration from the 488 Spider, Ferrari J50 takes it power from a specific 690 CV version of 3.9 liter V8 which bagged this year’s overall International Engine of the Year Award.

This luxury car’s bodywork is made all brand new, marking a radically futuristic design language, boasting of an extremely distinctive personality which suites the clientele’s tastes seeking the maximum innovative styling.

The car’s design approach has been led by the urge to come up with a very low slung roadster which encapsulates the intrinsic values of Ferrari, none other than agility and nimbleness. To make it possible, a strong dynamic has been imprinted on the car’s flank by converging interplay between the two primary guiding lines, the side window’s slanted top edge, continuous with its windscreen and its raked black swage line dramatically rising from low set nose until this vanishes in air intake aft of its doors.

Although the Helmet Visor effect, spawning from window graphic, is a reminder of the open competition barchettas of Ferrari going as far back as 1950s, its black dividing line is undoubtedly a novel interpretation of the recurring Ferrari styling cue evident on their iconic models like F50, F40 and GTO. Circling around the car’s front under the knee height, this is a key element altering the beltline perception, setting this at a relatively lower height compared to the usual which transforms J50 to a barchetta.

When you go inside the cabin, you will see the specific trims which adorn its sports seats, an echo of the rear bonnet contour’s design to offer an unmistakable signature feature. Its carbon fiber hard targa is also divided to two pieces, stowed conveniently at the back of the seats.

During the Tokyo launch of the J50, it was seen in the special shade of the three layered red with red over black interior that was trimmed in Alcantara and fine leather.

From top to bottom, inside out, the J50 no doubt continues Ferrari’s steadfast tradition when it comes to introducing luxury cars that live up to their name. That is why it is not a big surprise that those who have the spare money to afford such cars are more than excited to finally have one custom fitted according to their specific needs and preferences.



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