For all the Mothers on this Mother’s Day:

Mother's Day 2021

There is a reason most people view their mothers as sunshine incarnate. After all, there aren’t a lot of things in this world as heavenly as a mother’s warm embrace. She is the voice of reason when the world seems a bit delusional, a hand to hold when you are too afraid to walk on a new path and the only person who is stubbornly proud of you, no matter where you head in life. When you have your mother by your side, you pretty much have the strongest support in the whole wide world.

From tying your shoelaces for the first time as you brace yourself for the very first day of school to crying with you as you land your very first job, mothers are simply irreplaceable. We can all agree to the fact that a house becomes home with her presence as it lights up with her waves of laughter and basks in the warmth of her love.

On this Mother’s Day we celebrate and honour the Mamas, Gogos, Tetes, and Nanas who have been our embodiment of love. Let this be a day dedicated to thanking them for their tireless efforts, contributions, unconditional love, and sometimes completely unnecessary sacrifices. Even as we dedicate a day for these bearers of unconditional kindness and affection, their existence should be celebrated every single day. So, in addition to baking a cake, getting her flowers, or buying her gifts, vow to make your mother’s life easier and happier every single day.

Happy Mother’s Day





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