Founders of DistractaGone introduce PhoneCell: a new product against smartphone addiction


Ingmar Larsen and Maarten Langbroek, the Founders of DistractaGone, announced a new product as a solution for smartphone addiction. Phonecell is a locker in the shape of a bell jar in which you can temporarily put away your phone. This will force over-users of smartphones to stay away from their device and not be distracted while spending time on important matters like family and friends. The product is available for pre-ordering as of today and will be shipped in 2022.

American research showed that people spend an average of 2 to 4 hours on their smartphone each day. Three quarters of them experience a light panic when they realize their phone is not within reach. That is why excessive use of smartphones is linked to fear, depression and troubles with sleep.1 But next to that, your environment suffers as well. Recent Dutch research by NetPanel states that 73% of participants are irritated by others who use their smartphones.2

PhoneCell is developed to counter these effects of smartphone addiction. It is an elegant bell jar in which you can lock your phone out of reach. Enter the preferred time without your smartphone and press the button to initiate the lock. The domed locker will only open after the set time is over. Until that moment you will be free to spend your time on truly important matters like friends, family or other activities.


“I think many people will secretly admit that they spend more time on their phone than they would like to”, says Ingmar Larsen, the inventor of PhoneCell. “Even when you’re most relaxed, you get triggered and distracted by pop-ups and notifications on your screen. PhoneCell forces you to limit your smartphone habits, allowing you to spend your full attention on that intelligent discussion with a friend or a book you got recommended. This means PhoneCell is a product that nobody wants, but everybody needs.”

PhoneCell was developed by Ingmar Larsen and Maarten Langbroek, in cooperation with Design Studio Bananagun. Larsen gained experience on this topic after developing products like NoPhone and Urban Periscope to battle smartphone addiction. Design Studio Bananagun came up with an elegant design that fits in a living room, so it can also act as a conversation starter to make smartphone addiction a more accessible topic to discuss.

PhoneCell is available in two versions. The PhoneCell Original with a black or white color can be pre-ordered online and costs €99. PhoneCell Walnut Edition is characterized by a base made of walnut wood and is available for €139. Both versions will be shipped in 2022.


The glass bell jar of PhoneCell stores a maximum of two phones. It allows the phones to be charged using their own power cables, which you can run through the base. In case of an emergency call you can always use your wireless headphones to answer. Fore more information visit

Ingmar Larsen has a proven track record of releasing products that battle phone addiction. Maarten Langbroek is an entrepreneur and innovation coach, and designed DistractaGone, the predecessor of PhoneCell.

Design Studio Bananagun is owned by Industrial Designers Wouter Horstink and Marco van Leeuwen. They have experience designing consumer products related to behavioural change.




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