Freddy Tuncel. Owner and Director of Vision Art Aluminium. USA

Freddy Tuncel

Freddy Tuncel was born in Istanbul, Turkey, a unique and exotic city rich with art, architecture and history. He’s a gifted “Water” person, for those tuned into the mystical arts, and, therefore, he is abundantly blessed with artistic, creative gifts and empathetic insights he is still discovering on his life journey.

Freddy is deeply rooted to the Earth and leads a life filled with passionate feelings for it via Nature, spirituality, people and other creatives who are similarly motivated. He is blessed with deep feelings for humanity, loves building trust and aspires to make others joyfully happy using his abundant and ingenious talents. Like many gifted artists, his talents and interests are many. He continues to discover paths to enormous creativity in everything he does and he nurtures that path.

Freddy credits his birthplace with weaving artistry into his consciousness which resulted in his immense artistic talents. He explains, “Imagine a modern city filled with the architecture and art of antiquity? It provided a backdrop few can imagine and, as an artistic child, I soaked it in. I never took the breath-taking beauty of Istanbul for granted. I knew I was blessed to have such sacred art etched into my soul. When one looks at luxurious art and beauty everyday and everywhere, its magnificence can’t help but seep into my artistic foundations.”

Freddy began his illustrious career in the beauty fields with icon Estee Lauder from 2004 through 2010 working as a face designer and beauty expert at special events. He’s trained in exotic ports of call in like Monte Carlo, Valencia, Greece, Edinburg and traveled the Middle East and Asia. As a next step, he worked for cruelty free, high quality Smashbox, an extremely popular subsidiary of Estee Lauder, as a beauty designer from 2010-2011.

Shiseido, a Japanese family business, established in 1872, started out as Japan’s first Western-style pharmacy. It was then transformed into a global beauty giant operating in approximately 120 countries and regions around the world and it was Freddy’s next stop from 2012-2016. Together, they aimed to transcend borders and boundaries and venture beyond the cosmetics industry to create beauty innovations through the construction of unique products, delivering new values and actively contributing to the happiness of customers across the globe via beauty.

During the above time frame, Freddy also worked closely with many world influential companies in the beauty industry like Armani, Chanel and Christian Dior. Gradually, over many years, Freddy, a deep admirer of architecture since childhood, noticed similarities in customers bone structure to the configuration of a room and buildings…high cheek bones lifts a model’s entire face, for example, when accentuated by make-up.

Pondering this observation, Freddy realized that the architecture of facial bones and design of structures had much in common and he began deeply studying architectural design. He found deep talent he didn’t know he had when he worked and studied with a very experienced and licensed architect for more than a year.

Today, his sunroom, interior and exterior design and pergola customers, etc come to him to obtain his deep talents in creating extra special luxurious design taking ordinary rooms, homes, walls of doors, etc into practical and beautiful artwork for discerning home owners.

Freddy deeply enjoys enriching people’s lives and expanding their life experience through beauty and design. He was especially gratified in the beauty field because he was enhancing the lives of women one face at a time. However, as talented and empowered people are apt to do, his life took a turn and widened. Freddy embraced a different medium, however, for the same reasons…his love of people, creating happiness and changing lives grew in to luxurious architectural design for families.

With the above in mind, Freddy started a successful construction business as an exterior architectural designer. Rather than creating “just” beautiful faces, his artistic “canvas and palette” exploded. He is now creating magical and astounding outdoor spaces entire families could enjoy together.

However, Freddy’s focus and core priorities remain the same and are based on mantras he lives his life by:

1) Quality Always Matters
2) We Change Lives
3) Lose Money… but NEVER LOSE TRUST

Freddy proclaims proudly, “When I was 12 years old, I saw words that changed my life. Those words are: ‘I would rather lose money than trust.’ “As a beauty designer for nearly 13 incredible years,” he said, “I was deeply gratified by making people happy. Now I am exterior architectural designer and I’m continuing to do just that. I value trust and I build it with everyone I am blessed to meet and work with. My customers know I value them and appreciate their business. And I pride myself on my treasured relationship them and I take the time to build what I will maintain…a relationship based on deep trust, luxurious design and excellent customer service focusing on creating world class, useable art in architecture.”

Because of his “rich” background and being surrounded by artistry and beauty from antiquity, Freddy utilizes the very best building materials from international sources.

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