From Istanbul to Kinshasa: A Superpower Duo Reshaping Skylines – Tabanlıoğlu Architects & Miller Holding

The Democratic Republic of Congo’s (DRC) Kinshasa Finance Center and Congress Center stand as a testament to a powerful collaboration. Designed by the visionary Tabanlıoğlu Architects (TA_) and constructed by the resourceful Miller Holding, this architectural marvel transcends its function as a Finance hub. It embodies the nation’s burgeoning progress and serves as a beacon for international exchange. But the Kinshasa Finance and Congress Center is just one example of the magic that unfolds when these two industry giants join forces.

TA_: A Legacy of Innovation

With a heritage dating back to the 1950s and Dr. Hayati Tabanlıoğlu’s pioneering architectural work, TA_ Architects embodies a deep-rooted passion for design. Founded in 1990 by Murat Tabanlıoğlu alongside his father, the firm has grown into a collaborative force with Melkan Gürsel joining the partnership in 1995. Today, TA_ boasts a team exceeding 135 employees spread across offices in Istanbul, New York, Dubai, and Doha.

Over three decades, TA_ Architects has established itself as a leading architectural practice in Eurasia, Middle East, and Africa, celebrated for its impressive portfolio. Their expertise encompasses a vast array of projects, from high-profile cultural landmarks like opera houses and museums to luxurious hotels and urban regeneration initiatives. Each project reflects their commitment to revitalizing historical contexts and creating sustainable, innovative solutions.

TA_ Architects approaches each project with a meticulous focus on the “place” and the client’s specific needs. This results in a diverse range of designs, from iconic structures like the Atatürk Cultural Center (AKM) to functional yet aesthetically pleasing commercial, residential, and industrial buildings. Their design portfolio extends beyond Turkey, with international projects including Bodrum International Airport, Astana Arena, and congress centers across Africa.

Miller Holding: Building Dreams Across Africa

Established in 1967 by Muhsin Turhan Mildon, Miller Holding has transformed from a single store selling automobile parts into a diversified force shaping Africa’s future in regards of the win-win strategy. Today, they operate under a multitude of brands, encompassing sectors like automotive, energy, maritime, construction, investment, and foreign trade.

Miller Yapı, their construction arm, has garnered a reputation for crafting exceptional living experiences in Turkey. Their projects seamlessly integrate with the historical and natural landscape, prioritizing spacious living areas, eco-friendly materials, and cutting-edge technology.

Miller Holding’s vision extends far beyond Turkish borders. Their African construction projects, undertaken by their Milvest brand, demonstrate their unwavering commitment to the continent’s development. In the DRC alone, Milvest has spearheaded numerous impactful projects that elevate the quality of life, including the Kinshasa Arena, a Cable Car system, Sports Complexes, an Expo Center, and social housing developments.

The Kinshasa Finance Center: A Collaborative Masterpiece

The Kinshasa Finance Center and Congress Center exemplifies the synergy achieved by TA_ and Milvest. TA_’s design brilliance is evident in the twin towers exceeding fifteen stories, a striking landmark opposite the Courthouse. These towers house key institutions like the Ministries of Finance and Budget, solidifying the center’s role as a Finance powerhouse.

Beyond its administrative core, the complex pulsates with life. Landscaped areas featuring local plants and reflection pools create a welcoming entrance. Office spaces, a 5-star business hotel with long-stay apartments, retail outlets, restaurants, and various meeting facilities cater to a diverse range of needs. Green spaces adorn the roofs of the shorter buildings and the plinth floor, providing staff and visitors with areas to relax and connect with nature.

Miller Holding’s construction prowess ensured the center’s flawless execution. Their expertise in large-scale projects and meticulous attention to detail were instrumental in bringing TA_’s vision to life. The resulting structure is not just aesthetically pleasing, but also functional and sustainable, setting a new standard for mixed-use developments in the region.

A Super-Duo Ready to Take on the World

The Kinshasa Finance and Congress Center stands as a powerful testament to the collaborative strength of TA_ and Milvest. Recognized as Best Luxury Mixed-Use Architecture by the Luxury Lifestyle Awards, this project highlights their combined expertise in design, construction, and a deep understanding of local needs. This winning combination positions them as a formidable force in the global development arena.

Looking ahead, this super-duo is poised to tackle ambitious projects worldwide. Their unwavering commitment to innovation, sustainable practices, and community development makes them ideal partners for governments and private entities seeking to create landmark structures that leave a lasting positive impact.

Whether it’s revitalizing urban centers, crafting sustainable infrastructure, or designing iconic buildings that elevate cultural exchange, TA_ and Milvest are a dream team ready to shape the future of global development.

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