Furrion’s ELYSIUM Wows in 2017 CES: Future Perfect is Here

Furrion took this year’s International CES to the next level as they unveil ELYSIUM, their latest series of future perfect home electronics in real style. The ELYSIUM is a unique type of RV which ideally combines luxurious living and modern high technology. Although the CES has already seen an RV outside the show floor in the past, there is simply nothing that has been as luxurious or large as ELYSIUM. Indeed, the ELYSIUM is no doubt the true definition of living luxury.

Every single year, there are mind blowing products of various categories being showcased at the Consumer Electronics Show yet this year, Furrion, an international technology company has exhibited for the very first time at the CES.

The ELYSIUM is a large luxury home on wheels which come packed with all the newest and hottest range of high electronic gadgets fitted inside. This gigantic recreational vehicle display looks even more astounding and interesting, thanks to its open air hot tub together with the lounge area and the mini helicopter found on its rooftop deck. It is without a doubt that this luxury RV is the best example of Life of Future since all the modern kitchen appliances, HDTVs, audio devices and other types of pioneering products created by the company that you might need or want for your road trips have been built in this huge RV.

The ELYSIUM stands at 13ft 6in high, 8ft wide and 45ft long and is a completely luxury home on wheels. This has been integrated with all the latest in navigation, observation and automation, which make it truly stand out not just in the world of RVs but also in the world of technology as a whole.

Right from the entrance of the RV, you will instantly be taken aback by all the luxurious accessories efficiently tucked into walls, thus leaving adequate space for people to comfortably move around and indulge in a luxurious lifestyle.

When you get inside, you will love the possibility of customizing the indoor lounge area, steam and shower, kitchen, smart toilet and the comforting bedroom according to one’s personal choices. Its driver section also has a touch control and digital display while the luxury vehicle’s living areas have been equipped with state of the art appliances such as refrigerator, induction cook top, dishwasher, microwave open and even a fireplace that can help set the mood for every trip.

The designers of the ELYSIUM made sure that all luxury needs in a home on wheels have been beautifully and meticulously taken care of. At the upper deck, you will find the cozy sitting area and retractable helipad which can be lowered on top of the master bedroom during transport.

The ELYSIUM is a solid example that packing motorhomes with both a fast transport medium and luxurious amenities have become the futuristic concept to enjoy vacation trips with no worries. And while the ELYSIUM is merely meant for display for now, everyone can only hope that Furrion will soon bring it to the market.



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