Honeywell Mobile Computers Validated For Google-Led Android Enterprise Recommended Program

Honeywell (NYSE: HON) today announced that three of its rugged mobile computers used by distribution center, logistics, delivery and retail workers have been validated for the Google-led Android Enterprise Recommended program, which helps businesses select the right devices to meet their needs.

Inclusion in the program demonstrates that Honeywell’s mobile computers meet strict technical specifications and extended lifecycle support requirements. Devices in the program provide customers with easy enrollment options, timely software and security updates, business-ready hardware features and support for multiple versions of the AndroidTM¬†operating system.

“We’re pleased to recognize Honeywell’s CT40, CT60 and CN80 devices as part of the Android Enterprise Recommended program for rugged launch. Android Enterprise Recommended rugged devices must meet defined technical specifications and extended lifecycle support requirements that customers expect for their deployments,” said¬†David Still, managing director of Android Enterprise Business. “We created the program to help businesses choose Android devices and services that meet their needs and make IT’s job easier. We’re excited that Honeywell is collaborating with us on making this a reality.”

To qualify for the stringent program, the devices must support multiple major operating system releases, deliver Android security updates within 90 days of release from Google for a minimum of five years, and be certified to protect against moisture and dust intrusion. In addition, the devices must offer bulk deployment options, including the Android zero-touch enrollment option, for easy setup and configuration.

“Retailers, distribution centers, logistics providers and postal organizations searching for rugged mobile solutions for their workers need confidence that their technology investments will have the flexibility to meet their evolving business needs,” said¬†Peter Howes, president of Honeywell’s¬†Productivity Products business. “Our Mobility Edge devices support multiple Android operating system versions and make it easy for customers to deploy mobility solutions across the enterprise.”

The validated mobile computers are built on Honeywell’s¬†Mobility EdgeTMPlatform, which is a common hardware architecture and set of software tools to make deploying, updating and managing devices easier and more cost effective. Mobile computers built on the scalable platform support current and future versions of the Android operating system.

Using Honeywell’s system-on-module approach, customer IT departments can easily develop and certify a software application a single time before deploying to enterprise devices. This reduces time and costs associated with configuring and managing devices in the field.

Workers use these rugged mobile devices for fulfilling orders in distribution centers, reviewing shipment information, managing deliveries and work orders and engaging with customers. The Honeywell DolphinTM series mobile computers that received the Android Enterprise Recommended status include the:

  • CT40 mobile computer, a full-touch, five-inch display device designed for the retail store environment to help associates provide customers with a better shopping experience
  • CT60 mobile computer, a rugged device for transportation, logistics and delivery workers that offers a long-lasting battery, high-performance scanning and protection against dust and moisture
  • CN80 mobile computer, an ultra-rugged device for distribution centers and logistics providers that features both a traditional keypad and a large touchscreen interface to offer quick, efficient data entry options.

Users of Honeywell’s devices can also gain access to software tools and resources using the company’s mobile apps, which are available for download on¬†Google Play.

Android is a trademark or registered trademark of Google, Inc. in the United States and/or other countries.

Dolphin and Mobility Edge are trademarks or registered trademarks of Honeywell International Inc. in the United States and/or other countries.

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