House of Borgezie


The House of Borgezie was founded by Christopher Michael Shellis who has more than 25 years in the designing field and he has created fine jewelry for long period.  He has also other skills such as metal scripture casting, silver and gold smitting with the diamond setting. All these skills have helped him in expressing his love in the texture and shape form.


The designs of Christopher are based on the nature and they took him into different designing aspects for textiles, dress designs and architecture.  Another influence comes from the archeology with the classical civilization found around the Mediterranean.  Such creation has taken him to creating many things that turned to be treasure. The treasure can be lost and can be found again and this is the idea behind the creation of Borgezie.  There is so much craftsmanship which is invested into the creation of the eternal stiletto at the house of Borgezie.


When it comes to the designers, sometime in life, it can be necessary for someone to stand back and decide that what he has done is the best that he can be able to create. This is the same feeling that was felt by Michael Shellis when he created the Contessa Wafer Stiletto.

The first thing that it is captivating about such stiletto is its elegance which is captivating with its wafer profile which makes it to look thin.  The stiletto is unique and the designer things that it is  the most beautiful stiletto that may have been made by so far. The stiletto has the patented feature in which the sole replacement  can be done by the owner and this gives it the ability to last for long. The stiletto is the challenging creations that has been made so far and it was near impossible to make. However, at the end the stiletto has become a great beauty and great wonder  that can be accomplished even if before it seemed impossible.


Contessa wafer stiletto is worth to be a heirloom and it is more of jewelry than being a stiletto. It is found in the silver, gold and platinum with the studded diamond on each pair.


The Contessa Stiletto has been developed for more than 18 months and it has the intense and sheer development since it required the craftsmanship, skills with enough resources that the house of Borgezie has acquired for many years.


The platinum stiletto will be selling at 95,630 euro, 130,420 dollars or 79,500 dollars.

The 18 ct white gold will be sold at 71,300 euro, 93,500 dollars and 60,000 pounds

The solid sterling silver is sold at 8,350 euro, 11,400 dollar and 6,950 pounds.   All the stilettos have 1000 years guarantee.

With the stiletto, you can also buy its bracelet to compliment the beauty of the stiletto. The bracelet is simple but at the same time elegant. The bracelet can be a treasure to keep for a long period.  The bracelet has been made to perfection by a group of the goldsmiths. Among other products of Borgezie, there are also the shoes made with solid gold with 2,000 diamonds. Every pair has been handcrafted and it is more as a jewelry that can be worn on feet.



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