Houston Now Has Access To Vonlane Luxury Bus Service

First-class bus service provided by Vonlane is now available to passengers in Houston, a charming city in the state of Texas. Anyone in Houston who wants to avoid flying or filling up their tanks will be happy to hear that Vonlane has increased their service to a popular location in North Texas. Vonlane is the perfect alternative to these two activities.

On days with heavy travel volume, the luxury bus service has increased the number of departures it makes from Houston to Fort Worth and Austin by two (for a total of four daily excursions between each city).

Schedule for the Vonlane

This is the schedule as it stands right now:

Between Fort Worth and Houston, there are four departures per day at the following times: 6:00 AM, 10:45 AM, 3:30 PM, and 8:15 PM. The business is open during regular hours from Monday through Friday, but there are fewer hours available on the weekends.

The hours of operation for the services are as follows: 7:00 am, 11:00 am, 3:00 pm, and 7:00 pm, Monday through Friday, with fewer hours on the weekends.

How is the service?

The company with headquarters in Dallas asserts that it has recovered 95% of its capacity from before the epidemic thanks to the new services that it is providing. Vonlane has announced that it will be increasing service on its busiest routes beginning in the month of October. This will bring the total number of departures on peak days between key Texas cities to 72.

Executive-level bus rides on popular days

The following departures on popular days are included in the upcoming itinerary for Vonlane in Texas and the surrounding area:

According to the information provided by the company, an effort will be made to revive service for customers located in states other than California by the end of November. It had been providing transportation to and from Oklahoma City prior to the outbreak of the epidemic.

In 2014, Vonlane launched a service that provides executives with transportation in luxury buses. Each bus has fewer than twenty-dozen seats available, and each one is outfitted with leather seating, Wi-Fi, satellite television and radio, refreshments, eye masks, and eye covers. Eye masks are also provided. Starting at $99, one-way tickets have various price points.

Both the Hyatt Regency Downtown (1200 Louisiana Street) and the Hyatt Regency Galleria (which can be found on the other side of the city) are situated in the middle of the city’s central business district, and both of these hotels have bus stops directly in front of their entrances (2626 Sage Rd.)

If you make your reservation online, you have up to twenty-four hours before the time of departure to cancel it and receive a complete refund of any money you paid for it.

Images courtesy of Vonlane



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