How to Become a Casino High Roller

We have all seen them in movies and TV shows. The high rollers in the casino. They are sometimes portrayed as having personal flaws, but usually, they are some of the most glamorous people in the place and characters that others always want to be around.

These days online betting sites are very popular – and it is not surprising when you consider the types of MyBookie bonus you can pick up for registering. But there is nothing like a real casino high roller. Whether you want to stick to online gaming or step into the arena of bricks-and-mortar casinos, read on to discover how you could become a high roller too.

What is a High Roller?

So, what constitutes high roller status? Although you will have to bet some serious money to be considered a high roller, it is also about the general vibe. Other casino patrons will recognize a high roller the minute they walk into the place. There is a certain style that just says they are there meaning business.

But you will definitely have to gamble if you want to be a high roller. We are not talking about chump change either. A minimum of around $100 a hand is expected – and much more as your game goes on. High rollers are also referred to as “money players” or “whales” – because, as the old saying goes, “catch a whale and the village will eat for a year”.

Perks of Being a High Roller

For many, just the status of being a high roller is enough. If that isn’t enough, the big winning returns from visits to the casino table can also go a long way, of course. But there are other benefits that only the big high rollers enjoy when they enter a casino. If you spend a lot of money, you will find that more money is thrown your way.

The “comps” are what a lot of high rollers really enjoy. The casino will expect you to lose more than they give away, so it is regarded as a win-win situation. It could be free drinks, luxury hotel rooms, or even an escorted grand entrance to the gaming tables. High rollers certainly get looked after.

There are plenty of perks for high rollers

What to Do to Become a High Roller

It has to be understood that you can’t just will yourself to be a high roller. Maybe the richest people in the world can sit down and expect to be instantly afforded that status. But for everyone else, it takes a little time.

The main thing to remember is to bet – and bet a lot. You could climb the casino social ladder by betting big at the beginning and end of a session. But to retain the high roller status you will want to be spending a lot of money, ideally on the tables with the highest stakes – or in a high roller slots room.

You could also make a name for yourself by betting a lot at the smaller casinos first. Your activity will be noted and there is something about being a big fish in a small pond. Once you become established as a high roller there, you can think about moving up the VIP ladder and hitting the more prestigious establishments.

Another way of making your presence felt is to tip well. You may be getting drinks, food and even your stay for free – but tipping people along the way will get you a good reputation as someone who expects to live a certain kind of lifestyle and doesn’t matter how much it costs. Tip money should be regarded as a necessary expense.

Be a High Roller

We should say that you should always make sure that you can manage your bankroll responsibly. But high roller status is alluring. Bet big and reap the rewards – and make sure to live the lifestyle. If you have the money and the casino skills, there are definitely worse ways to spend your time.




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