How to train cats not to bite

Cats are considered one of the gentle and friendly creatures for humans, and they are among the animals that many people prefer to have in the house, and they are among the animals that need care and love the people who give them care and attention from others, and they are calm animals that do not cause inconvenience to humans, except Many cat breeders face the problem of biting by them, however, cats can easily be trained not to bite and to stay away from this harmful behavior to their breeder, but it is necessary to make sure that the cat does not suffer from any problems and defects that lead to biting, as cats usually express The pain of her teeth or the presence of caries in her teeth by biting, so it is necessary to resort to a veterinarian to ensure that they are free from diseases that affect the teeth, as for training cats not to bite, it is done in a gradual manner and you must adhere to following the recommended methods and steps, and we will talk in this article About how to train cats not to bite.

How to train cats not to bite

The person who keeps the cat must play with his cat on a daily basis for at least ten minutes.

Playing with cats is one of the methods and methods used to win the cat’s affection and train him not to bite.

The aim of play is to satisfy the hunting and stalking instinct of cats.

There are many games that can be played with the cat, most notably the badminton or the use of a rubber ball.

The cat may try to attack and bite its owner while playing, and in this case, the correct behavior is to stay away from it at that moment and not play with it, and it should not be reprimanded or harmed in any way as a reaction to what it did.

When you return to playing with the cat in the next times, he will notice that it has reduced the bite, and if it attacks its owner again, he must hide from before it, as this method is effective in taming cats rather than biting and attacking.

It is preferable to avoid using water sprays in order to prevent the cat from biting, as it may harm it.

Some people resort to using some chemicals to prevent the cat from biting, and this is considered wrong behavior.

The commitment to do the above on a daily basis is considered to have a positive effect on the cat.

Be careful that the relationship with cats is based on love and kindness.

You should avoid bad habits in dealing with cats that make the cat averse to playing or being near its owner.




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